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A Spiritual Tsunami

Home sweet home! I am back home after a trip to Phuket and Malaysia. It is always so humbling to see what YHVH has planned for these trips. His heart is always for me to go and serve, to be His hands and feet to people whom He dearly loves.

As I walked in the streets of Phuket, totally unaware of skin colour or culture,  I just became aware of man’s heart. I saw how people have survived a tsunami and have rebuilt the land and their lives. It was ten years ago when I came to Asia after Aldo saw the wave of the tsunami in a vision. He could not speak yet, and wrote the vision down describing the wave to us. ‘I see a big, big wave, people are hanging on the palm trees, they are dead, some are screaming but it is too late for them. Mom, you are going there, you have to go and rest now.’ That was such a shock to us, and we did not know what to do about his vision.  I said to Tinus:  ‘Maybe his medicine is too strong?’

That was his first big prophecy, and ever since we learned that Yeshua shows him these world events from time to time even before they happen. The next day we saw on the news that the tsunami wave has hit Asia. This was the year that I was Mrs SA and I was immediately asked to join a team to go and help the tsunami survivors and assist with the cleanup operation. As we arrived just two days later, that was exactly what I found. People were hanging from the palm trees. Nine kilometres of land was destroyed with a wave of water.

It was a shock to work in the field hospital with dead bodies all around me. Back-actors came and dug big graves to put all the bodies in. The smell of death was all around us and even in my hair and clothes. They stole my bag, so I had just one set of clothes. This was 6 months after our accident and I was still so very broken. At night I sat with dying people and held them in my arms, praying with them.  I cried out to Abba, ‘How will I ever get this death out of my heart?’ He said ‘Retah, life comes from inside, not the outside. Give Me all your death, and I will give you life!’

As I was visiting now, I sat in a meeting with the mayor of Phuket, who is a born again believer and all the church leaders. As it is now 10 years after the tsunami they are planning a festival of hope.  What a privilege to speak to them and to share my testimony.  The festival theme will be a ‘Spiritual tsunami wave ‘. Once again I saw with my own eyes how everything you give to Yeshua, are turned around for His glory. I pray that this festival will be a wave of Holy Spirit hitting Phuket, bringing in thousands of souls - once lost, but now found.

It was raining, and I was looking out my window and saw busy streets, people minding their own business. There are lots of idols in the streets, lots of lust, sin, lots of brokenness, poverty and people fighting to make a living. But when I look at the heart of man, I still see a hunger for a living God. YHVH is His name! I know with everything in me, that I cannot judge them, but love them as He loves them.

I still remember my words 10 years ago when I came back from the tsunami. I said in an interview with tears running: ‘ Never, ever again will I complain’. By the grace of YHVH I have managed to walk my walk, through valleys of death – always knowing that there is always somebody who has a tougher journey than me. These people in Asia really toughened up my life. They are tough; they stood up and rebuilt their lives time and time again. Yes, not all of them know the true living God, but praise YHVH for the mayor and people around him, that took his hands and are committed to doing the festival of hope in December 2014. I also think of a friend of mine and his family who went for a year just to serve in Phuket and love the people. I believe God wants to save Asia, He wants to save Indonesia, Thailand and you and me!

How thankful I am to our wonderful loving God who just never gives up on us. Even if we are so far from Him, He keeps on reaching out to us. How humble I feel to be part of what He is doing in people’s lives. I just surrender my hands and feet as a living sacrifice unto YHVH.

The night before I flew out to Malaysia it started raining again and by morning it was still raining. We were just in time for my flight, and after we flew out, a storm came and Phuket was flooded again. Within an hour houses were under water.

In Malaysia I ministered in churches, but also had the privilege to minister to a group of refugee children. They have no home, but live in an orphanage. I could share with them the wonderful secret of the kingdom of YHVH. To seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all the rest will be added unto you. As I walked out I thought – what other hope can I give them other than You my King? I sat in a Japanese restaurant after the meeting, not at all familiar with the food but eating what they gave me. In my heart I swallowed my tears, because I kept thinking – how, very, very thankful I should be - having my children around me. I have so much to be thankful for.

I listened to the conversations around the table, but my heart was busy with my Abba.  ‘Lord, You are our only hope. Thank you so very much that I get to see all this. Thank you that I can be your hands and your feet. Thank you that I could share with these children what I have learned from Aldo, that even though he cannot provide for himself, because of his disabilities, because of his situation, he still seeks first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and You always provide for all his needs. As he and Chantel are getting married next month; I know that You will provide in all their needs.

I am back home. I could not wait to just look my family in the eyes and say ’I love you- always remember, mommy loves you very, very much - even if I am not there to pray with you at night. Holy Spirit will never leave you nor forsake you.’   

Thank you to all my friends around the world who makes trips like these possible for me with your love donations. I thank you and I bless you. I sow seeds wherever I go, and I believe that one day we will see the harvest, together.

All the glory to Yeshua my Messiah.

Love you all – Retah and family 

Letter Translation:

Wisdom says Phuket will truly take of their raw (hurt) mantle, and will exchange the pain for a Holy new mantle. Truly people will start living a seven, seven, seven life. “I will pour out my Spirit on every hungry spirit.” Quickly, because wisdom says don’t wait, quickly! Immediately He will pour out His Spirit. You see seven, seven, seven is what every spirit will call out. You must go and hand out books freely. Will you obey Debora? He shall provide the money. Go and hand out our book (Message from God) for free, His Spirit is in the book. Don’t look at me like that, but go immediately and lets translate the book in Thai Language. Wisdom says He is your provider. You just listen mam, mom, parent – that is life life. Lamb of God is the answer to the broken people of Phuket. You wanted to sow seed. Will you help Mom Debora? Say to the children Satan wanted to steel the light. Pain steels light. I am so happy when I see my mom understands. Being obedient is an offering to YHVH. Sara is a blessing to son Samuel. Josh is light, light. Do you know Mom Debora, Chans is now light, light. I am calm and I bless her. Your question is, where will I get money for the book translation and print? No Mom no!! Abba will provide. Rest is obedience. Love Aldo Oooo I love you! X 

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