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A Place of rest

A Place of rest

We are living in such amazing times. Times where YHVH asks of us to purify our hearts and to live by faith in Him. There is a big difference between saying that you have faith and to truly live by faith.

The God kind of faith will make you stand in these times where the impossible is staring at you.  The God kind of faith will bring you into a place of rest. True rest, where you will not be moved by what you hear or see in the news.

The greatest sin in the world is “unbelief”. It shuts every good thing out from you. It will hinder you to run the race of faith (the race of the impossible) and live your destiny in Yeshua. It will shut heaven and will open hell unto you!  You just need faith in God (YHVH) - this will shut hell and open heaven unto you!

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Why don’t you have faith? Because you don’t know Him and do not believe YHVH’s Word.

When you do not believe, it means that you are making YHVH a liar. The Word of YHVH is trustworthy. We need to believe, but our hardened hearts and evil attitudes in our spirit minds cause us to have doubt, unbelief and wicked behaviour.

When Moses led the people through the desert, their worst sin was the wrong attitude of their hearts (Heb 3:8). They did not want to trust YHVH, so they would not obey Him. Their other sins were the result of this wrong attitude. This particular sin is called unbelief. They did not want to have a relationship with YHVH. They did not even want His authority over their lives.

Another name for unbelief is “a lack of faith”. Faith means active believe and trust in His Word. It is impossible to have faith unless we hear YHVH’s Word for our lives. So, when we refuse to trust and obey, we choose unbelief – worrying and fearing for tomorrow.

The result of unbelief is more serious than you think. The people whom Moses led could not enter Canaan because of this sin. Canaan was the promise that YHVH gave them, but they missed the mark! They missed their promise and blessing. There is always a blessing in obedience and faith in YHVH.

Unbelief will ruin your personal relationship with your Abba Father. He is a living God and He has a future and a destiny for you. Choose faith in YHVH and live a life of abundance.   

In my life I chose to obey His voice. He asked me to take our book “a Message from God” and send it all over the world. We already translated the book in so many languages. Now it is time for Thailand to receive their book.

I just want to thank everyone who contributed towards our work. Thank you for the seed that you sowed and thank you for taking our hands to distribute the book in all languages all over the world. Tinus and I are leaving for Thailand shortly, to give out the books to missionaries and churches.

Every month we send out a lot of cd’s with the post and Aldo and Chantel handle the post. It takes him such a long time to open the envelopes, putting in the cd’s and then closing it again. And then he will stop and stares at the address and start to pray for the people. It takes a long time, but I just leave them to do it. He cannot do what normal children his age does and I had to start looking through different eyes. I look at him and see – a child who will not give up. Who will pray without ceasing, a heart so big that he will take time to pray for each and every envelope,  with so much pride in his work.  I took a photo while he was doing his envelopes late one night whilst watching Faith TV, all the while working. 

I walked up the stairs and sat in my room looking at the pictures, and thought, “How thankful am I that he can do ‘something’ for You Abba.  Thank You that they love You, thank You that they do this little work with so much love. Thank You that we have this cd’s to distribute. By faith I just reminded myself again, “if He looks after the tiny little bird, He will always look out for Aldo”.  Even though he cannot do what all the rest can do. They will always be in the palm of Your hand – and that I believe!

Josh turned 14 this weekend, and we celebrate his life with joy!

I bless you my friend to stand in faith! To stay in peace. Fight the battle and enter the Promised Land.

Retah and family.

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