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Walk with God in righteousness and holiness

21 April 2017

Walk with God in righteousness and holiness

To understand the times that we are living in, we have to know what to look for. For months now, Yeshua has been speaking to me about the shift that is taking place in the spirit. 

While Tinus and I were running the New York marathon, Holy Spirit spoke to me: “Look at the people around you, Retah. You are all in a race. The race needs to be completed. You’ve had time to train for the race. Whatever you faced every day served as the training ground for this race.” 

During the race, I saw some give up, some continued walking, some ran and then walked, some fell and stayed on the ground, some became sick and some were really fast. You could see the pain on people's faces. The last part of the race was difficult. Those who trained hard ran much easier than those who were not trained that well. Everyone got tired, but there was a character of endurance seen in those who ended well. The more you train, the fitter you become. You could not ask the person next to you, “May I please have some of your stamina, or please some of your muscle memory?” No, it is like the ten virgins. Everyone needs to ensure that they are prepared. These are the times that we are living in. 

As I pondered this, Holy Spirit showed me two kinds of people. There are people who serve God and minister to the people in the temple like Eli and his sons, but without His Glory and without any fruit - but with a lot of works. Then there are the peculiar people who will know their God intimately, being in love with Him. These people minister to others from the presence of God.      

I look at Ezekiel – how YHVH God showed him what the state of things really were in the temple. Ezekiel saw in the spirit that the people kept every law, they looked alive and well, they said the right things, they brought sin offerings – meaning they repented, but did not change their ways. They were in ministry, but no lives were changed. They did all the rituals in the temple, but with hardened hearts and with secret sin.

The worst of all: The Word says 'The people were satisfied with their ministers'. 

God showed their hearts to Ezekiel. They secretly worshiped idols, they committed adultery physically and spiritually. Ezekiel was angry and very sad. He cried out to God to do something, to intervene. 

God answered by saying that they were not to be removed from office, nor would lightning strike them dead. God intended to do nothing, but to allow them to continue in their ways. I read from this that God says man has a free will; man has the power to decide. And if people were satisfied with adulterous leaders, leaders that worshiped themselves and other idols and loved these more than they loved God – He would not intervene. I found this strange... why, Lord?

“There will be one difference, Retah, and that is they will not be able to minister out of My Presence.”

This is where the divide is now taking place in the spirit. This is how you will start seeing the change in times. There will be people who will minister and who will live their lives out of the temple with all the rituals and doing the right things in front of people. 

Then there will be a peculiar kind of people that Daniel spoke of, who will love their God. These are the ones through which YHVH will do great and mighty things. 

Holiness and righteousness are required for this office. People will see the difference, but only those whose hearts are directed towards God, YHVH. If you are still serving God out of the temple and not out of God's presence - you will not be able to see the difference. 

In His presence you will walk differently, talk differently. Your life will reflect holiness as 1 Peter 1:16 says 'Be holy, as I am holy'.  

The ones still cleaving to religious rituals will aim to teach people to be able to discern between right and wrong. But how can you know the difference when you are still operating in the temple, where you have not yet started to cleanse your bloodline? Or you have not repented yet and you’re still unwilling to see and turn from your sin? Just like Eli and his sons, there is no life in that temple. 

Eli's grandson was born, but he did not get the opportunity to see him. The mother, now a widow after her husband died in war and with her father-in-law also dead, gave birth to a son also born under the curse of death. Even his name is given as a curse. His name, Ichabod, means the presence of YHVH has departed. 

When you minister from your knowledge and good works, it will bear no fruit, because the glory of YHVH has departed. You will minister to people, but without the presence of YHVH. 

The inheritance of Eli and his sons’ disobedience and sin was that the Ark of the Covenant – the Presence of YHVH – was gone, all they did being only dead works. 

Those who deal with their bloodlines, who seek the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit – who seek holiness and righteousness – will be restored to life. The Ark of His Presence will be recovered in their lives. They will seek God's face and realize to live life with unholy hands, unholy thoughts and deeds, without repenting and turning away from it, brings the curse of Eli! The curse of death!

I lived like this for most of my life. This is how my generation lives and the fruit is just like the life of Eli's – filled with fruit of death. Today I can praise the living God, the Most High, God YHVH, that He taught me through all the pain and trials in life to choose holiness – just because He is Holy. 

‘Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted himself up to falsehood or to what is false, nor sworn deceitfully.’

There is just no other way, my dear friend. Choose life today, so that you and your descendants may live!

We had such an amazing time in the USA and I want to thank everyone who shares in our lives. As I said: I believe the time has come for the USA – that God is going to pour out His Spirit. But remember: He visits those who are in His presence! Remain in Him. A great move of His Spirit is coming and He is preparing the hearts of the nation. There is an opening in the spirit over Texas and prayers are flowing as the angels are ascending and descending. But I know that He is calling all His children from all over the world to come in line with His Kingdom – so that His Kingdom can come.

Let’s pray for our own nation, South Africa, as thousands of people will gather this weekend together in prayer, seeking His face in repentance and humility. Father, let Your will be done in South Africa, let Your Kingdom come, in Yeshua’s Name! Prayer opens the portals of heaven. Let's keep praying for all nations.

We love you Abba!!!

And we love you all – let us keep running the race of faith.

Retah and family

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