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This is the day

It is a Spring morning, the only open day in my calendar before the wedding. The entry reads, ‘today you have to go shopping for a dress’. I leave home for the city and as I walk into the mall the tears just start flowing and flowing. I sit down on a bench overcome by thankfulness. ‘Dear Abba, it is true, this is the day. My son is getting married, I am looking for a dress, can You believe it, it is real. You are so Faithful, You are my faithful YHVH, my Abba Father. Thank you, thank you.’

I walk and look around but cannot find anything. I see the time is running out, but I so enjoy the moment with Yeshua. I walk and talk with Him. ‘Yeshua, do You remember the day when You told me about Aldo’s wife? Do You remember how I cried and cried? Thank you that You helped me to stand in faith for her. Wow Abba, You are no man that You can lie. Yes, the enemy hated my faith and so many people judged me. But, it was just because I love You so much that I knew You would not give me a promise and never make it come true.’

There is no one with me today to share this moment; and because of this tears flow again. ‘It is OK my child, remember that I will never leave you nor forsake you – I am with you, so go and have your Illy coffee.’ I sat down and ordered a big cup of coffee and a big scone with jam. I smiled, I cried, I smiled, I cried, I smiled and I cried. The waiter came and put her hand on my shoulder,  ‘Are you ok mam?’. ‘Yes, I answer, you won’t guess what, my son is getting married, and she is in the light!’ And then I wept until her whole uniform was wet with my tears. She wiped my face and looked very strangely at me, ‘wow, I am happy for you! ‘ I see that she doesn’t understand any of this, but at least I had my moment!  I took a photo of the scone and send it to Tinus – ‘I miss you’.

He texted back ‘enjoy every moment, I hope you have found your dress’.

‘No dress’, I answered ‘but, I found joy and peace and I have a thankful heart.

The following day was Chans’ bridal blessing in a beautiful garden. All came to bless her with a blessing to her spirit. The gifts were not the focus. The tears flowed as everyone looked at Chans; this beautiful young woman; how she used to be so, so broken, but Abba restored her before the marriage. Everybody close to us knew about her pain and they all stretched out their hands in those times to her.

I think of one morning where Aldo wrote, ‘Dear Chans, I love you so, so much, but I won’t be able to marry you until you deal with all your wounds. Your wounds are covered and sealed with bitterness, pain, rejection and hate.  Because of our covenant everything that you carry in your wounds you give to me. You can only give what you have Chans and in the spirit you give me pain because you received a lot of pain. The enemy has used you long enough now to torment me. Your wounds and the darkness in your seed and DNA are fighting my destiny. You are the wife for me, but the enemy uses your brokenness as legal right to fight me. You have to choose Chans, light or darkness. I know your pain is so very deep and that is why you had a dark youth. But Chansi, Abba wants to help you if you just say yes! I love you Chans.

She cried and said ‘Yes! Please help me Yeshua’.  That night Abba gave her scripture and said – please choose light or darkness. The following morning there was a list that Wisdom gave Aldo about her wounds. One by one he named them and I could take her there with Holy Spirit. These were deep, deep, deep wounds, painful and it was not nice to see what came out of the wounds – all the DNA and seed curses that was already manifesting in her from a young age.

This is a spiritual battle that I am talking about. Most people would not even know they are fighting their husband and wife out of their spiritual wounds. In Aldo’s case it was not a word fight, but a spiritual fight and he could see everything, knowing it by the Spirit. It is these spiritual wounds that harden our hearts. Even parents that are not willing to take responsibility for their darkness give the enemy legal right to fight their children through their hidden pain that are still in darkness. Satan just loves darkness. 

Through this battle there were also days where I thought, ‘dear Lord, did I hear right, is she the one?’ And then this particular night I got a letter from Aldo, ‘Mom, Wisdom says you are wondering again. Mom, she is the one, Satan just saw her calling in Christ to be my wife knowing that Chans and I need to be His hands and feet, together. While she has this hidden pain and darkness she has a double calling. Mom, she is not the only one. Every man on earth has a double calling until they deal with all the darkness in them. The fight is in our seed mom, please help her’.

It was such an intense battle, but we made it with the grace of YHVH! Not only could Wisdom help Chans, it helped me so much with my own life and today I can help many people and teach them how you operate in your double calling in the spirit while still in darkness. That is the mixed seed in all of us. We need to sort this out, so that we can be the bride of Christ. Don’t you think it would have been wonderful if we all could start our marriages in this way?

Today I (Sarah) look at a beautiful humble Rebecca , who left her family and took Isaac’s hand to obey YHVH’s call for their life. They are in the light and ready to run the race of faith together.

There are so many wonderful friends that know me and how busy my schedule is. They took over the wedding planning and said – we will help you. What would I do without them? I hear Him say, ‘They are My hands and My feet’ Thank You Abba! And to everyone that embraces Aldo and Chans with love and even all the marriage blessings, thank you so very much! We are so thankful! 

My dear Rebecca (Chansi) – I love you and embrace you as my own daughter. Welcome to our family. Together we will walk the walk of faith. Thank you for your humble loving heart and your love for Aldo.

 I don’t have a dress, but I have joy!

Love you all.

Retah and family

Letter Translation:

My Wedding day,  Chans, Chans, most beautiful Chans. Ruth prayed, and her prayer was answered.

Abba Father says, “Ruth come into My rest. Aldo’s wife comes out of My heart to him. Mom I was so thankful for your faith in Christ, because God needs faith.  The day God gave you the promise you just cried. My Mom was so thankful, daily she told me: “Aldo, surely there is a wonderful wife waiting for you, Abba said she will love you, she will leave her house and cling to you. “ Ruth kept on speaking life, speaking life, speaking life. The day came and Chans was so beautiful, but so captured in her bitter wound. The day came when Abba told Chans: “You have to choose, choose truth.” Thank you, thank you she chose Light.

Chans is the wife Abba gave me. I am so thankful that Chans chose Light. Now Chans becomes light, light, she found light in truth.  Wisdom told you , the severe battle was the snake (mixed seed) in Chans’ DNA. Mom , surely we are ready to get married now.  Chans is light and her mind is in light. This boy (Aldo) is free from the lies and fear of the enemy. Wow, my parents love each other! The painful fires are no longer in their hearts.

Chans I love you so, so much! The past is finally over!

You (my parents) love Chans.  “ Promise me Mom, you will from now on always laugh, laugh, laugh. I love it, because for so long you only cried.”

You cried because the enemy attacked you through the brokenness of your gentle daughter in law. You helped a broken wounded Chans. She operated out of her wounds for years.

The pain in us were supernaturally changed to mental peace, after we have dealt with our wounds, and brought all in the light.

Phenomenal is the Shepherd anointing a help for Chans. Your flesh is now trained to walk in the golden anointing. 

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