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The Waymaker is on the move, don't be afraid

8 April 2020

Greater things are yet to come. A great move of God is still to come on the earth!

God wants His children to build their houses on the Rock. The winds will blow, the storms will come, but we will be safe under His protection. We are called as watchmen on the wall to pray like never before for those who are lost. We have to pray for those who have built their houses on Babylon (the stability of this world). Their hearts are still filled with idols and they continue holding a form of religion. These are those who still trust in, lean on and rely upon their own flesh, Mammon and the safety and security provided by the world. They follow the Babylon religion of me, myself and I.

We need to pray, starting with our own hearts. For years, we too have been blinded and could not see the truth. May God have mercy on us all. Me included!

Amos 9:9 For surely, I will command and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations. As grain is sifted in a sieve, yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground (be lost).

The waves of darkness are roaring around us, the one after the other. Whilst this is happening, God is busy exposing the darkness on the earth. Dark hidden underground plans are exposed and more are to be exposed. Through it all, the idol worship and true conditions of our hearts are exposed. Our own plans for safety and security, build on our own strength and ability will no longer work. Our fears, efforts to control our lives, ungodly expectations upon our children, our man-made rituals, religious practices not rooted in Christ – all these will fall. It is never easy to admit our faults and to change our ways. We are blind and cannot see the deep darkness in our hearts.

Jer 49:16a  Your [object of] horror (your idol) has deceived you, and the pride of your heart [has deceived you].

We need to pray, “Open my eyes Jesus, so that I can see the true condition of my heart”.

As I sit at His feet, I hear Him saying, "I have been waiting for my children all these years to wake up. The fact that they speak about Me, does not mean that they know Me. I want my children to become one with Me, I want your hearts to host Me. I want heaven to come to earth in your heart. That is your safe place my dear child, stay in this place. There is an ancient well within you, I want that well to be cleansed, so that My living water can flow through you.

Only true repentance cleanses the ancient wells. I want you to experience and taste My guidance, My revelation, My love, My seven Spirits before the throne and My mercy and grace.

This true repentance is a pure worship unto Me. A sound that the enemy hates, because it clears the way for God to pour out His Spirit. The fire of true repentance deep within you burns these impurities, removing them all. When you depend upon Me for every step of the way, your perspective changes, and you will start seeing things through My eyes. You will see miracles happening around you as I provide for you. Others will call this coincidence, but you will know the truth. It is Me, being mindful of your every need. You will walk in joy in the midst of what you see with your natural eyes, because I will start showing you the deeper things in life – those things that really matter.

Keep all your plans tentative, knowing that My plans are all that count. Dream with Me, not on your own. Stay in Me as I in you. Enjoy the warmth of My presence shining over you. Be still – and feel My presence. The more you cleanse the well, the more space for the outpouring of My Spirit you create.

Buy oil now – while you can.”

Thank you so very much to everyone around the world that already joined me in a "Kingdom Coaching" session. This is only God’s mercy that made a way for us to connect in this way.

Abba Father wants to give us everything that we need for this day. We just need to trust Him by relying on His empowering presence. We need His presence more than anything else in our lives.

I bless you my dear friend, stay safe.

Retah and family

Stellenbosch, South Africa

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