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The race on the highroad

Our lives are a race that God has given us to run. Not in the physical, but in the spiritual. In order for us to run this race, we must align ourselves with Holy Spirit and not with the world.

I see myself standing at the door and I knock and I knock and I knock... Heaven’s door opens and I enter into the Glory realm. I experience the fullness of God’s presence and through His eyes I can see how doors of new opportunities open up supernaturally. He shows me His heart and what He wants me to do today. All because I knocked and kept on knocking and asked and kept on asking. Mathew 7:7 says: “Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you!” This is so true!

I found that the more you seek of His glory, the more change He will ask from you. If you are not willing to change, you are going to miss out on His glory. For some reason people hold on so tightly to their past and their comfort... maybe it is because of fear of the unknown.

Every day of my life I walk in the unknown. The other children in Aldo’s class are talking about what they are going to do after school. I look at Aldo and marvel when he says to them: “I don’t know, but God knows.” For him, that is the most important.

If you refuse to leave your comfort-zone, you will know what to expect with every new day and you become the master of your life. There will be no place for change - because you do everything the same old way, day in and day out. It can be so difficult to let go of what is comfortable. You are so used to listening to the same preacher, preaching the same message. I see this so clearly when I am invited to speak at various places. The people who want to change and grow spiritually are exited, but the rest are afraid. Anything new is a challenge!

The thing that makes me want to cry is that those ones attempting to move fully with Holy Spirit are being persecuted so much that they are struggling to hold on. The world wants to keep us away from God’s plan of fullness for our lives. In their isolated circle of friends, they then discuss this outpouring of the Spirit as a “new thing” that will fade and they laugh it off. O, how my heart cries out for them!

The enemy wants to stop us from transitioning into greater realms of God’s Glory. He hates that we are starting to understand the fullness of the Kingdom message and those who are attempting to fully follow God’s Spirit are on his hit list. Well, I have good news for you: God WILL protect His children who are willing to go deeper into the fullness of His Glory.

You will never ever be able to embrace change, if you do not let go of the past. This change starts on the inside - in your spirit. God not only wants you to walk in your new destiny, but to run with Him! Spiritually, He is preparing you to walk in this new measure. Every one of us has a Kingdom assignment and a lot to do as you stand in His service. Make sure your focus is on the things that come from above – the throne of Grace, and not only on your own comfort and desires. When you want to run with the King, you will be focused on a higher dimension. You will have a fast pace and run on a higher highway. You will not survive this fast pace if you only drink milk. You need to eat spiritual meat, and grow up in the things of the Lord.

On the higher road, you will look through the King’s eyes, and see beyond your obstacles. There you can’t judge anything with your natural eyes, only through the spirit. You will know that the promises of God are more valuable than anything the world can offer. In this dimension you only rely on God’s Word and you will not be moved by man’s opinion.

I saw God calling me and saying: “Come Retha, bring them into this higher dimension. But tell them to leave the old self behind.”

Here, you will only be led by Holy Spirit, and not your former ways. The road here is not paved; but you will need to prepare the way for the King with your words, your life, your choices and your testimony. You will not be able to see the road with natural eyes. This is the big challenge for so many people - because they want to see before they are willing to believe. Here you will start to depend only on your spiritual eyes, and not the things that your fleshly eyes are seeing.

Yes, we sit in heavenly places with Jesus... and the Word of God says that we are destined to rule and reign with Jesus Christ.

This road is called “faith.”

May God bless your spirit!


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