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The Healing Journey

Grace offers this to us today:

Does it mean to suffocate the real you, or does it mean to surrender the real you?

Healing of the broken heart is a journey where you deal with your own rejection.

It means there was a time where you hated yourself badly - because of what you did in life, or what has been done to you - without you even knowing about the layers of pain that protect your heart day by day.

Or is it a loss buried within man?  Therefore, you yourself are hidden deep within your shame or pain.  

How would I ever survive the pain inside of my heart?

Until one day when God says to your spirit man - IT IS TIME!

Yes, very much the same than what Esther in the Bible heard, TIME TO WAKE UP AND GO - BECAUSE THE KING IS ON THE WAY. 

Stand up today and say to yourself ... "I am who God says I am."

Blessed be Thy name above all the earth.


Follow up today with your Mom and Dad, family or maybe just a good friend that is like a sister or brother to you ... find out how they are doing ... = GRACE

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