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The frequencies carried by our words

26 April 2017

The frequencies carried by our words

We often struggle with life as children of God. But the things you struggle with are the things inside of you.

Our parents spoke words over us and we speak words over our children. Most of the time it is the exact same words being repeated in the generations. This is because we can only give what we have. That is why we have to close (cut us loose from) these spiritual gates that still feed us from the dark generational ark inside of us. 

Last week I explained the difference between Eli and his children, and Zadok and his children. The one ministered in the temple, but with offerings of sin, rebellion and bitterness on their lips. Zadok and his children, on the other hand, ministered from the Presence of YHVH, and the Glory of God was upon them.

Words are offerings that we bring to the altar.

Maybe someone hurt you so deeply and you struggle to forgive them. These words stay in your mind echoing over and over again for as long as you do not forgive. These repeated words produce hate and bitterness in your life. Eventually your body, mind and spirit will show the effect and your soul will be captive in darkness.

But maybe you can recall a time when someone encouraged you and spoke life over you. They lifted your arms in the spirit and blessed you. Those words positively altered the course of your life.

Words have this effect because they carry frequencies that are released. Words can come out of a heart of bitterness, a hardened heart, or they can be released out of a humble, forgiving heart. These emotions or frequencies are carried inside of the words - becoming containers of life or death. 

I saw a book on the internet with illustrations of water. They showed how the water's structure changes as words of life or death are spoken over it. Crystals were formed while words were uttered. 

The words of life – love, kindness, forgiveness, joy, humility, YHVH – were so gentle that the water formed the most beautiful crystals. But the words of hate, unforgiveness, anger, shouting, bitterness, blaming and so forth, formed a disfigured green form – like goo. 

Negative words and thoughts can be transferred from one generation to another. It becomes part of your mind – memory imprints. 

Soul ties are formed between people when you experience strong emotions. These emotions alert and trigger a fallen angel who then uses it to create a spirit tie between you and your children, or the other person that has hurt you and with whom you are angry with. This spirit tie becomes like a feeding tube. The dark memories – all the words that are epigenetic imprints – are transferred from one generation to another. The demonic spirits travel through the feeding tube – the spiritual tie – and keeps us in bondage through the demonic thoughts and words that were spoken.

Spiritual ties are connected to a spirit. And this can include our spirit. It is these spiritual ties with the demonic bitterness, hate, lust and much more in our generations that feed people daily in the spirit.

It can only be broken through repentance. Both ends (the places of attachment) of the soul tie needs to be broken – from your side as well as your attachment to those who hurt you. This feeding tube can also be from you and your generational line. The demonic bonds need to be cut loose that are passed from generation to generation from parent to children. 

These ties keep you in bondage so that you cannot be the real you. You have been fed so many lies and deception. You are what you eat... In the feeding tubes are generational spirits that are passed on and are active in our lives because of the legal ground in our bloodlines. 

So, as I pray, I take full responsibility and I stand before God YHVH. I repent of all sin that I am aware of, every sin that I am struggling with, every bitterness that I carry, unforgiveness, the vows, curses, words, thoughts, beliefs, dedications, cults and idols. I cut myself loose from these demonic spiritual ties in Yeshua's Name – on both sides.

Abba Father, You are a good God. Today, I thank You that You help us to hear and see the effect of our words and thoughts. We cannot fool anyone. Our children carry the effects of our words and deeds. Father, we stand before You and present our whole humanity and our whole generational line before You. We bring every spiritual tie, every soul tie, emotional ties, sexual ties, family ties, as well as all time and place ties that produce darkness in our lives before You. We repent that we kept on living in the darkness. Please tear the veil from our eyes and allow us to see the true condition of our hearts. In the Name of Yeshua, we renounce these ties and break all the agreements, covenants, vows and assignments they have in and over our lives. I break every demonic power from my mother's side and father's side back to Adam and Eve in Yeshua's Name. We break every assignment of witchcraft, telepathy, traditions, evil thoughts and fantasies in Yeshua's Name. We bring all our generational wounds to You. We apply the Blood of Yeshua over them. Father please deal with each ancestral demonic wound, ancestral demonic spirits and ever ancestral heart part. We bind now all the demons that worked for so many generations in us. We cut ourselves loose from the generational spirits on both sides of our family lines and in this dark feeding tube. Please wash all these memory imprints that travelled down the generational lines and remove all the demons with the Blood of Yeshua. Cut us loose on both sides Abba Father, and seal those umbilical cords with Yeshua's Blood. Father, please change our spiritual appetites to be aligned with the Kingdom of Light and purge from us our appetites for darkness. Fill us now with your Holy Spirit. Feed us from Your Word and Your life-giving waters. Remove the demonic ark in our hearts and place in us the true Ark of the Covenant. We want to have a covenant with You and You alone. We pray this in the Name of Yeshua

May you experience His love in all you do.

Retah and family

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