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The Foundations of Breakthrough

The Foundations of Breakthrough

2 Samuel 5:20 So David went to Baal Perazim and there

he defeated the Philistines. He said, “The lord has broken

through my enemies like a flood.”

Baal Perazim means Lord of the Breakthrough.

Breakthrough – This is something that everyone

desperately wants in life.

“I want you not only to have a breakthrough My child, I

want you to walk constantly and continuously in

breakthrough, so that you can release it everywhere you

go and to everyone you come in contact with.”

Breakthrough is to pass the test! Every day you will write a


“ Breakthrough “ always comes from Me. If you are one

with Me, you will taste the sweetness of breakthrough

every day.” There are many layers of breakthrough, and

one of the greatest is to realize that you yourself have to

die – and Christ has to become more.

Many times, people think they won – but they actually lost

because their hearts did not change in the process.

The salvation which comes from God means being

completely delivered from myself, and being placed then

in perfect union with Yeshua.

When we think of salvation, we think of being delivered

from sin, but it is so much more!

It means that the Spirit of God has brought me into

intimate contact with the true Person of God YHVH

Himself. What a privilege to be one with my Abba!

What a privilege to be one with Him, living in His heart.

Surrender brings breakthrough! Every day, as I die in

myself, I become less and He becomes more. My entire

life becomes consumed with the One to whom I surrender.

In surrendering, we give ourselves to God in the same

way He gave Himself to us – totally, unconditionally and

without reservation.

You beg for breakthrough, yet Abba waits for you to

surrender. As you surrender, the process can start.

The God of this world blinds our eyes that we cannot see

the real condition of our hearts.

But in His presence my dear friend, we always see the


Repentance brings breakthrough. To experience

breakthrough, you have to start with true repentance. You

will find repentance at al depths of His presence. It

mandates humility and express willingness to be


It is so sad to see people always blaming others, without

seeing the condition of their own hearts. How is it that we

cannot see that the test is mine as well as yours? To get

breakthrough, I have to pass the test.

Love brings breakthrough! Love is what holds us all

together. "I AM love, and I AM light and in ME there is no


There is no greater love than His love for us. Remember,

He loved us first. The revelation of His love will increase in

our lives as we spend more time in His presence. The light

of His presence will proceed out of us, and that will carry


”Remember My child – love is a foundation stone. Until

you gain the ‘revelation of love’ that I have for you in the

specific situation you are walking in, your next phase of

the breakthrough cannot occur.”

Breakthrough comes through faith. You cannot have faith

in God without loving God. As your love for Him increase,

your faith will increase.

Grace is a foundation of breakthrough. Grace works

through faith. I believe that great grace is opened up over

our generation to unlock the mysteries of His Kingdom.

Grace to love Him, and I call it great grace that He keeps

on showing me the true condition of my heart.

Then thanksgiving – in my eyes one of the most powerful

ways to experience breakthrough. Thanksgiving moves

the Father’s heart. Thanksgiving is a manifestation of your

revelation of love!

How sad it is to see an unthankful heart, covered up with a

pride mask and a smile of Christianity. An unthankful heart

shows the true condition of your heart. People love to

complain and to find fault in other. That is so much easier

for man, than to be truly thankful. Start counting your

blessings, and stop focusing on all the bad around you.

You cannot experience God when you are focused on

yourself , your pain and all your needs.

No breakthrough will come to you with un thankfulness in

your heart.

Breakthrough, my dear friend, is found in HIM. Serving

those around you as unto Him. Be thankful to those

around you as unto Him. Love those around you as unto


Breakthrough is not to get what you want in life – but to

walk out a transformed into His likeness. That is what I call


I pray that we pass the test – and experience


Love to you all, and stay in His peace, stay in His heart.

Retah and family.

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