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The fig tree

If you have faith in God and don’t doubt, you can tell this mountain to get up and jump into the sea, and it will. That is what Jesus promised:

“For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says” (Mark 11:23).

Through this Scripture, the Lord reveals to us the tremendous power contained in the words we speak.

Do you remember what happened when Jesus cursed the fig tree that didn’t bear fruit?

He said: “Let no one eat fruit from you ever again” (Mark 11:14).

What amazes me is that the fig tree did not shrivel away instantly; it still looked like a perfect fig tree when Jesus and the disciples walked away. Only when they passed by the fig tree again (the following day), did they see that the fig tree was dried up from its roots. Peter then remembered that Jesus cursed the tree, and the disciples were in awe because of the wonder.

The life source of the tree was cut off when Jesus spoke to the tree. The roots of the tree are beneath the surface of the ground, and can’t be seen. So, for a while the tree still appeared to be alive, and seemingly nothing happened. With time the effects of Jesus’ words were revealed. First in the roots (life source), then in the trunk, then in the branches and the leaves, and soon the entire tree withered away.  

The same happens in the spirit realm when we speak words of life, anchored by our faith, into a situation. Sometimes, the effects aren’t seen immediately, but after some time the truth will be revealed.

Having to wait for the ‘impossible’ to happen, is a reason why many people stop speaking words of life in faith. Don’t confuse having to wait for your miracle, with being denied your miracle. In God’s kingdom things work differently than in the ‘2-minute-noodle’ kingdom of this world – fist speak in faith and believe, then see!

We are too easily moved by what we see, instead of what we believe. Do not lose your faith! Keep on standing on God’s Word, and speak words of life anchored in faith. They take effect immediately in the realm of the spirit, whether or not you see any outward change.

I speak words of faith constantly. I declare out loud that our (all of the McPher’sies) future is blessed, and that we have abundance of joy and peace in our hearts. I proclaim that the goodness and mercy of God follows us everywhere we go, and that we live in the love of Jesus every day.

Thank You Lord Jesus that we are seated in heavenly places with You, and that we reign with You! Thank You Lord, that the words of faith we speak, become a reality, because we trust You!

Be aware, this principle is also at work in the negative words we speak. We will eat the fruit of our words. If we speak bitter words, we should expect the bitter lemons of life.

There is tremendous power in our words, so go ahead now and speak faith filled words that bring life, and see your mountain move!

That is one way to change a hopeless situation.

The other key is prayer. I encourage you to never stop praying, and trusting God for answered prayers.

Aldo keeps on asking me, “Mom, do you still pray for me?”

“Of course, Aldo. Why?”

“In heaven, I saw how Jesus sends out His angles when people pray. Please don’t stop praying, Mom!”

No, I will never stop praying. We can’t dare lose our focus on Jesus, and then be moved by what we see. Our prayers and our words are the building blocks for our future. In the spirit, many things happen when we keep on sowing seeds of faith through our words. Don’t sow sparingly, you will then reap sparingly. Trust God for big things!

This is now the seventh month that Aldo hasn’t had an epileptic attack. How we praise God, and thank Him for this miracle! He is faithful! Many times we think it is too late and that God is slow in responding to our petitions, but He is never too late. Even if He is four days slow in coming (and the miracle now becomes raising the dead instead of healing the sick), He is still in time.

In December, 2008, I thought Aldo was going to die, but it was only a test of my faith. Perseverance is part of the journey, for the promises will only be attained by faith and patience (Hebrews 10:36).

Our second book is coming out the 14th and 15th of August 2009. There are so many people who worked very hard on this project. We worked as hard, and as fast, as we could for one reason: Aldo kept on saying, “Mom, the book must go out. Jesus is on His way. People need to know the truth!”

I am hosting another retreat today, and Aldo will also be joining us after school to pray for the people. There is a young man all the way from Argentina, who joined us for the retreat. He not only came to receive, but he is blessing us with his wonderful presence. Walking in obedience to Jesus is the only path for true fulfilment.

May God bless your spirit!


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