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The battle against your destiny.

22 June 2017

The battle against your destiny.

Rom 5:2-5 Through Him also we have [our] access (entrance, introduction) by faith into this grace (state of God's favor) in which we [firmly and safely] stand. And let us rejoice and exult in our hope of experiencing and enjoying the glory of God. Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance. And endurance (fortitude) develops maturity of character (approved faith and tried integrity). And character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation. Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us, for God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us.

All of us are facing conflict at some point in our lives and must fight the opposition that stands up against our destinies in Christ. 

The darkness within people is so deeply hidden in their foundations, that it is very difficult to see it with the eyes of the flesh. But surely you will become aware of this battle as you walk a journey of difficulties and many complications. This cannot be understood with the mind of the flesh, because it is the dark seed within the foundations that has become a strong tree that now bears dark destructive fruits. The darkness within us fights its way through us to fulfill the demonic callings we carry. 

What you see in the natural are only the dark fruits – the payout of certain character traits such as anger, resentment, rebellion and bitterness. But deep within are roots of destruction.

Not many people are willing to go into the foundations – to the very roots of the darkness within us. Because if you do,  you will have to face the can of worms within. These worms or maggots have a job in your life. The job is to destroy your God-given destiny and to force you to walk out your dark demonic calling.

Yes, I know, most people will say,  “Thats not me!”

But if it is you that struggle and say, “Whatever I do, I cannot move forward in life. Whatever I do, it doesn't work. Sickness keeps me continuously in bondage.” Then you know the feelings of hopelessness, confusion, the lack of vision and dreams. Then you, like me, are aware of the many mistakes we've made and the guilt and shame it brought into our relationship with God.  

If this is you, darkness has covered your mind, you cannot read the Bible, you don't have a love relationship with Yeshua (Jesus Christ) - and you try to hide it - guilt and shame has overpowered you. You live a double life and you always feel rejected. You always feel victimized, you feel lost and without purpose. Your relationships fall apart and you are tired and unable to escape this snare of darkness within you.  

Then my friend, the dark forces within you have stood up against you. And if you will not go on your face and cry out for help, they will destroy you. It is only God that can take your hand, by His Spirit, and lead you step-by-step into deeper revelations of life.

Many people are saved, but not many are freed from the darkness within. You can be in church, or even in ministry – but can still be walking with a dark calling within you. 

If you truly want to be the spotless bride, you will allow Holy Spirit to take you into these dark foundations and teach you how to face them and yes, overcome them. The demonic callings within us are to kill, steal and destroy! The choice remains yours – I put before you, life and death....

Maybe it is your marriage, your body or your relationships that carry these fruits of killing, stealing and destroying. 

I truly believe that we are in an hour where God is raising up an army, a new generation of leaders. He Himself trains those who want to get to the truth of what is inside of them.  He starts with 'stripping' all the self within man. When you face the darkness in your foundations it is normally such a shock, that you realize and know that only God can help you.  You become so dependent on Him and you start living only for Him. He takes away all your other dependancies.  

This assignment of overcoming your dark foundations is bigger than any you have ever faced before. No man had ever faced the darkness within, without complete dependency on and trust in God. 

When you start realizing that the darkness within you – your wounds – have made covenants with the darkness in your spouse (with their wounds), then you realize that the battle is truly within! And if you are just ignoring it, your children will surely eat these fruits and inherit the complete dark calling. Quite a legacy! 

All the darkness in our foundations have a calling – specific assignments – protected by generational covenants, vows and agreements, to do their dark jobs. They agreed to be a bondservant to Satan, to be used as a mind controller, to be used as a handler. The purpose is to keep the dark calling alive and to feed our children in the same way so that the dark family calling and traditions can live on. 

As a man thinks – so he is. The darkness feed and control our minds through dark feeding tubes, until we become just like it! All these feeding tubes – the spiritual ties from the darkness in the generations– have to be cut from us and our children, as well as its place of attachment in the dark kingdom. 

We need to be fed by the Living waters of Christ! So we need to ask for a life giving feeding tube attaching us to Yeshua! But, as the wells within our spirit are generationally filled with rocks, no living water will come out. And as a result people live on brain food instead of spiritual food.

But, God YHVH! By His grace, He is beginning to teach His bride how to deal with the demonic callings within. Maybe you bear the fruit of sickness, or mental illness or destruction? What and by whom were you fed in the spirit? 

Having a brain injured child, who is very open to the spirit realm and who's spirit man writes about his experiences on a daily basis, has taught me so much! 

Humbled by the grace of God to reveal all the darkness within us, I realized that I could take all the darkness to Court. But this is not a quick fix. There are layers upon layers of iniquity. This is a day to day walk. 

This season of stripping all the darkness out of our foundations has enriched my faith in Christ and made my spirit so much stronger and bigger. Many a time our capacity in the spirit is just too small and then we want to sort everything out and fix what we perceive to be wrong with our brains or medicine.

God wants to give His Bride insight and revelation about the highway of Holiness. To build that highway, you have to take out the rocks that have been imbedded there for generations. Sometimes people run away when they meet an obstacle like epilepsy, or depression or addiction. No, those are only defense mechanisms to scare us into keeping away from the darkness within. Please note that epilepsy can be caused by trauma wounds and these point to darkness within. 

This whole process transforms us into being overcomers as we begin to completely trust God, YHVH, and Him alone. 

The good news is that Jesus Christ died for those of us that are broken, those who are captive and he gave His life to set us all free. But it will only happen if you are willing to walk this spiritual journey with Him – walking out your salvation with fear and trembling.

He is waiting for us all – even if you are still in darkness. I know that you can't even comprehend what I mean about true darkness within, because none of us think that this kind of darkness can be within our foundations. 

My dear friend, your life will not be in such a mess if there is no darkness deep within the foundations. 

Believe me - I have seen enough in my own life - having to deal with our own trauma and generational involvement in African Witchcraft, which is none other than Freemasonry all over the world. 

While you have breath, cry out to God, your Abba Father. He is ready to help you. Only pride stands in your way.

Allow Him into your darkness and let your journey begin. 

If you are afraid, go to someone that can walk the walk with you. Because surely it is not a one day session. It is a walk of life!

I am making some videos about this topic and will post it as soon as possible. 

Between doing it all, I still have to work, to laugh, to cry, to write, to be a warrior bride, to be a mom and a wife to my hubby. Go to my children, teach them, love them, love others, love myself and above all – love my Abba!

Let's run the race of faith, because whatever darkness will be found within us, is what will stand up against us.

Love you my dear friend.


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