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The angels are all around!

I am finally back home after a long trip in to the USA and Barbados. I am still amazed at the incredible ways in which God worked. When I stepped up to speak to a room full of people, the question was in my heart: “Lord, what can I offer them?” Then I heard the soft voice of the Holy Spirit, “There is really nothing you can offer them without Me, Retha.” The next moment I looked up and I saw the angles. You know, angles are real. They are big, strong warriors and they are powerful. And as a believer, they are part of our lives. Two young people came all the way to Florida were I was ministering. The Lord touched their lives immensely, and the next moment an angel was standing between the two of them. Wow! Is it only me that sees the angles? No, the next moment they were flat on the ground, experiencing the angel and God’s power.

How can people still wonder and doubt God’s power? We aint seen nothing yet! If you are a child of God, then you have a right to expect God’s angels to help you and to be around you. I have experience it so many times in my own life.

Once, I was at the airport with Aldo and Josh, and the three of us were flying to Cape Town. Aldo was doing some tricks on the escalator and I had my laptop bag in the one hand and Josh in the other. I just cried out “Jesus, please help me!” The next moment, a big, strong man came and took Aldo under his arm and walked in front us right up to the correct check in counter of our flight. When we had to get off the bus to enter into the plane he came again, and while saying nothing, just took Aldo under his arm into the plane and put him down on his seat. I was so preoccupied that I didn’t have time to thank him properly. When we got off the plane, I waited in the lounge area for him, and I said to Aldo, “If you see that man, show me, because I want to thank him.” We waited for a while but I never saw him. “What man Mom?” Aldo asked. “The one that helped you every time,” I replied. “Mom, that was not a man that was an angel!” Only then did I realize how he knew where Aldo had to sit and where we were flying to.

So expect angels at any place, in any situation! Seen or unseen, they are part of our lives. Praise God for that! Aldo sees them all the time, and we all have one constantly with us.

The same happened in Barbados... people saw the angles! Yes, God will allow us to experience the supernatural, because we are in the last hour. So now, start expecting to live a life of the supernatural. Say thank you to the Father for giving His angles charge over you in all your ways! Then, once you have spoken that word of faith, expect miracles, signs and wonders in your every day life.

What keeps me going everyday is Communion. On this trip I realized that without one’ness, I mean really being one with God, you will fall and get hurt very badly. Every morning I’d say “Lord, I dedicate my body to the service of My Lord Jesus Christ all day long – every moment. I take the pure blood that was shed for me and ask that You please wash me with your blood Jesus.” 

As I was ministering at a service in Barbados, the power and the anointing was flowing and the next moment a woman possessed ran towards me to attack me. Well, I was protected by the power of the blood.

Only then, by His power in you, will you be able you to rebuke Satan. We all have to rebuke him daily in sickness and disease... regardless of our symptoms; we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb! The whole trip I thanked God for His Son, His blood and His love for us.

We have to keep our mind and our spirit on the anointed Word of God. I praise God constantly for the blood of Jesus that runs through my veins. We are part of His family – we are God’s children!

When the devil launches a serious attack against you in any area of your life, don’t mess around. Get serious about God’s Word. Put yourself constantly under God’s care and submit everything to Him – He will take care of you.

How great is our God! Linda (my friend and intercessor that went with me) and I were so blessed on this trip! We saw how God touched people’s lives and changed it from night to day. All the glory to our King!

This is a very, very, very sincere thank you to everyone that made the trip so special to us. From Atlanta to Ohio, to Florida, to Barbados. Everywhere we went it felt like family, and yes we are all in the family of Christ! On the different flights, we met incredible people and I believe every meeting was a divine appointment, predetermined by God. Thank you America for opening your heart to us, how I see that God means what He says, when He says......

“It is time to get serious!”

Ps 63:1-6 “O God thou art my God, early I will seek thee....I will remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches!”

Don’t waste any time - grow in Christ 24/7! Just as a seed grows constantly, you have to grow until you accomplish what you were created for. Don’t wait until disaster strikes and then make attempts to pray and stand on God’s Word. We need to become spiritual strong in Christ. Remember, real strength and genuine growth comes when you consistently keep the Word and stay in the Word.

People say to me all over the world, “Retha, your ministry grows overnight.” No, no, you just didn’t see how I was on my face (and still am) for hours in front of the throne. You have to daily die to yourself, and that is the success behind being one with God. There is no easy way. Eat the Word. Speak the Word every hour of the day regardless of how you feel or what you see.

We praise God that He opened doors for us to open an office in America. That is something Aldo was writing to me about for a long time, but I waited on God. Well, now is the time. God is never late.

Please pray with us that this will all be done soon. I believe Aldo is going to minister in Africa, America as well as over the world. Remember, the miracle is in your mouth!

It is so good to be back at home in Africa!

God bless your spirit.


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