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Spiritual warfare: Iron against iron.

Aldo’s Birthday was a highlight for our family! On the morning of his birthday he stood up and said: “I am 18 and healthy!” It was a day full of tears of joy. Only a small group of people, friends and family, joined us for his birthday celebration. Prophetically, I cloaked him again, just as Samuel’s mother brought Samuel a new cloak every year, and Tinus crowned him anew with his crown of king and priest for Jesus. We also did a prophetic action where we stood around him with shields to cover him from the enemy’s arrows.

The anointing was so strong – and I saw how Abba Father released a new anointing over him that day. He went down to his knees and just said, “Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!” It was a big day for me, because Jesus kept on telling me that Aldo will be healthy at 18 and released for ministry - and it was fulfilled! God is so faithful!

I see how the Lord is calling out forerunners for the battle. I see a holy sanctification going on in the Body of Christ as He is preparing us to stand against the forces that are holding our families, our children and even ourselves captive.

At our Spirit School this week, so many people cried out for freedom, healing and to be one with Christ. The Last day of the Spirit School I asked Ma’am Patrys to bring Aldo for the morning session. While Mervis was leading the group in prophetic worship while I ministered, the Lord said to me “Let Aldo come up to the front and release My fire on the people.” In radical obedience I said “Yes, Lord.”

I called Aldo and Ma’am Patrys to come forward so that he could pray for the people, but he only had to lift his hand and then the power of God fell upon the people. I stood in awe, looking at a humble child of God releasing the fire of God.

People could tangibly feel the fire – hands were burning, some took their shoes off because the fire was on their feet – and all I could do was cry and cry and cry, because I saw once again the faithfulness of my God.

A young 18 year old boy, humble and gentle, touched everyone, gave same a word, and just enjoyed his King’s presence while releasing the fire of God on His children.

That night I couldn’t even sleep, that is how big the moment was for me. But during the night I could hear how he was being attacked by the enemy. You see, they saw exactly what we saw. God will do what He said He will do! And that is what they are fighting against – to steal Aldo’s destiny. Now that his brain is sorted out and he is doing so well in that area, they can’t attack him effectively anymore using that as a weakness. They changed the tactic – the new attack is launched at his sleep. While he was dreaming I could hear him screaming at them. The next morning he wasn’t himself. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that the lady who worked for us in the house (she was involved with all kinds of traditional witchcraft that we didn’t know about), still torments him at night, and he said: “Mom, she wants to kill me – she hates what she saw happen yesterday at the Spirit School.  Now that she can’t fight my brain anymore, because the shunt is working and my brain is busy healing, she is attacking me in my mind.”

That afternoon, Tinus and I worked through another inner-healing session with him where we, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, tried to find out how she can still hurt him like that. He got onto Tinus’s lap, putting his head on his shoulder, and started telling him everything what she did to him. We were stunned. We knew about many of the things already because he previously wrote about it, but we couldn’t believe how she planted witchcraft things in our house to try and kill him - just to get his wisdom.

Needles to say they couldn’t get it, because that wisdom comes from God, and not from man; and when she couldn’t succeed, she tried everything to kill him. We live near a big dam, and he told us about everything she did using the water of the dam as a medium. It was as if the Holy Spirit released him to speak about this for the first time, because in the past he could only write about it. He told us that there were five witches assigned to torment him, because their satanic star has five points.  And so he went on revealing their schemes. All Tinus and I could do was listen.

He told us about the unholy fire they used to hurt his brain in their rituals, and that is what caused his shunt to malfunction. Then he laid quietly for a few moments, and then started naming lists of people and what negative words they said about our family and about his situation. People close to us, around us, popular Pastors and Ministers. “Mom,” he said, “every word of death they speak over us, the enemy can use to attack us with.” He then named a young boy who was friends with him before the accident and is now involved with martial arts and said, “Mom, those things he does opens a door for the enemy to attack me through him.”

As he mentioned the names, Tinus wrote it down. Afterwards, we calmly went down on our knees and forgave everyone and then we blessed them. That evening I had to go and minister again, but Tinus took this written document to God’s judgment hall – so that He can take care of it for us, and take the enemy’s weapons of their hands.

Before I left to go minister in Johannesburg, Aldo started screaming, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” We didn’t know who he was talking to and asked him. He answered, “The enemy is so mad that we found him out and brought everything he tried to do to me into the light, because now they can’t use it against me anymore! Mom, she wants to kill me because I exposed them, and because you are teaching people at the Spirit School about the spirit realm and how things function there.” Immediately we prayed for him, and covered him with the precious blood of the Lamb, but I sensed that the battle was only beginning. It was going to be tough fight, iron against iron, because the enemy has launched a new attack for he could see the power of God flowing through Aldo.

I had to leave for Johannesburg, but when I came home I found Tinus on his knees in our room. “Retha,” he said as I entered, “you won’t believe what just happened. Aldo went to bed peacefully after you left, but had three epileptic seizures since then.” I turned ice cold when I heard the news. We are almost at the two year mark since he had his last epileptic seizure, so this is totally unexpected. I immediately said, “It’s the work of the enemy!” While Tinus and I were busy praying, Aldo had another seizure, and this time his face became pale blue and foam came out of his mouth.

I jumped onto the bed and started warring in the spirit. I prayed, and bound the enemy. This time I am not going to stand around crying like two years ago. No way! This time, I know my enemy! I am no longer naïve enough to think epilepsy is not the work of the enemy – I know it’s his attack!

This morning Aldo wrote, “They wanted to kill me, and make my heart stop, Mom. They even sacrificed a bull so that my life will be destroyed – I saw it in the night.” Completely calm I sat next to him while he was lying exhausted next to me after four epileptic attacks. “Aldo, Jesus sacrificed Hís life, so that you can have life – it is stronger than any sacrifice they can bring.”

I realized how intense this warfare has become if they are willing to go to such measures, but I also know that we have already overcome by the power of the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Where I used to be fearful in the past when something like this happened, I was completely calm this time, and started speaking scripture over him to bind the witchcraft spirits. “Mom, did you see how the fled during the night when you started praying? Jesus came to chase them away. They were throwing unholy fire on my brain all the time, and it hurt me. I thought I was going to die -  but Jesus came to save me. Mom, is the work I need to do really so important? Because she keeps on saying all the time she needs to stop my work.”

While I am typing this I have such peace in my heart. Even though I know we are in the heat of battle, I praise Jesus that everything was brought into the light so that we can deal with it, and that binds the hands of the enemy.

Aldo also said, “Mom, she hates you because you are destroying their kingdom. Mom, they are mad at you if you keep on blessing them instead of cursing them, because they need hatred to operate; and because we have also forgiven and blessed everybody who speak evil against us, the enemy can no longer use their words to hurt us.”

To tell you the truth, I am actually sitting here with a smile on my face at the moment – because I know now more than ever who is living in my house. God has placed a humble prophet in my house, and although the world, and his friends, and even adults reject him, because they feel convicted by the Holy Spirit in his presence, I know that God has a great plan for his life.

I smile about the things he revealed that people said about our family, because he was correct, even to the spelling of their names and surnames, and also their words. I smile because God entrusts so much wisdom and truth to a teenager. I smile about people who still don’t want to believe what Aldo writes. I smile about the way God teaches me so many things on this journey. I smile about a young boy who can hear the heartbeat of God. I smile about the purification process Abba is taking us through – so that there can be less of us, and more of Him.

How will I ever be able to say thank you for this heavy road we are on - this humble road in which are cups are being made to flow over. I am so excited about what is waiting! I know all He is asking of us is to lift up this burden to Him, so that He can take it for us. He fights for us! All we have to do is to keep on choosing life and blessing above the curse of death.

Aldo is still sleeping, because after a night like last night he is so tired! I kissed him on his forehead before I left for the office this morning, and said, “Aldo, my cup is running over! Mercy and favor will follow us all the days of our lives.” Softly he whispered back, “Yes, Mom. Thank you that I can be your partner.”

Nobody mentioned anything about the previous evening, because we knew it was over and done with – Jesus has already won.

I hope you learn with me, that if you don’t know your enemy he can devour you, but as soon as you find him out, and choose Jesus’ way to overcome him, you fight with truth!

Two years ago I was devastated after a night like last night, and I would be in tears the whole of the next day. Not today. Today I walk out of my front door rejoicing, and go to do a radio interview with the fire of God in my heart.

My eyes are on God, not on my situation! I know so well why the battle is raging as strong as it is – the enemy saw something happen at the Sprit School that scared him, Aldo is standing up in his calling!

Aldo is going with us to Pakistan to minister there. That is going to be the start of his international ministry. We know so well the fight is not against flesh and blood, and also that He that lives in us, has overcome the world!

Lets celebrate life, because life is beautiful!

Retha en family

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