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Prepare the highway for the King

The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “ Prepare the way of the LORD; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be exalted, And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough places smooth; The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, And all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken” (Isaiah 40:3-5)

There is a special and unique calling on each of our lives. God destined for us to walk in this calling that will ultimately “prepare the highway for the King.”

It will be in the environment where God gave you a specific task to do – not through your own might or power, but by His Spirit and His grace. So many times we make the mistake of thinking we should be like somebody else. You might think that if you don’t share the same great vision as someone else, that God loves you less – but that’s not true. God would much rather have you do what He called you to do even if is a seemingly small task, than a big endeavour that wasn’t really part of His divine schedule for you.

I sat amongst real men and woman of God in a meeting yesterday, and in humbleness I realized that God loves each individual so much that He planned a unique calling to suite each one specifically. If someone talks about something that the others don’t know much about, it doesn’t make him or her more special than the rest. It just means we are all different parts of the same body. His hand of blessing is upon each one as he or she walks in obedience to God. Each of us received a special “tool” to prepare this highway for the King. We should use what we have in our hands.

I need to make a decision if I want to be a part of the team on this project that has a very specific vision. I listened carefully to what they had to say and realized once again that God doesn’t have favourites – your ministry on the farm to your workers, is just as important as the other person’s ministry who might reach more people than just their employees. Maybe you are the shepherd of a small church in a small town, or maybe you are the sell group leader of a ladies group once a week – always know that you were chosen by God for that specific task.   

For our Abba it is all about being obedient to your assignment and your calling – nothing more than that impresses Him. Just be obedient to His voice, and follow Him step by step.

As one body we are busy preparing the highway for the King. The one builds, while the other one prays; or maybe you are the one that bakes and serves? I don’t know what it is that God called you too, but whatever it is do it as unto the Lord and let Him be glorified! We don’t all need to be the same. In fact, if that was so, the highway will never be built.

You have a unique anointing from the Lord that no one else has. This anointing will help you to complete the task He has set out for you to do. Just make sure you don’t do things because it looks good at the moment, or because someone else is doing it. Always wait on Holy Spirit to lead you.

I am sitting on the airplane on my way back to Cape Town after my meeting in Pretoria this morning. My family will be picking me up at the airport. We will be spending two more days together at the sea and then it is back to work.

This journey with Holy Spirit and how He talks through Aldo is so amazing. I am almost sceptical to expect someone else to understand; or to expect them to share my vision. I know this boldness to keep on doing what God leads me to do will never go away – He placed the desire in my heart. It is real and it is who I am.

This is my heart for you too – to stand in your calling. Don’t measure yourself against others. Nothing you can do can make God love you more, and nothing you can do can make God love you less. All He asks of you is your love, and through your love you will be driven to be obedient to His voice. God doesn’t compare us to each other – to Him it is as if it is only you and Him on this road.

We are working on a deadline for three books at the moment. Things are so busy at the office, and when I am back home I will load some of Aldo’s new letters. In the meantime he is busy writing, and it feels as if I am working day and night to get everything done. During the day I do speaking engagements and at night I write.

Zozzie snuggled in next to me the other night while I was working and he said, “Mom, thank for working so hard to get everything done.” My tears flowed immediately, because I expected him to complain because I was busy all the time. But no, he understands all too well that this is only temporary. “Mom, see if you can type with the one hand and rub my back with the other.” Definitely his mom could do that, because she is so grateful for his love and understanding.

Now is the time of celebration of God's feast of Sukkot – the feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles reminds us of our temporary dwelling (the flesh), and that we should never make this our home, as we are only passing through, and should constantly look forward to our eternal home. When we depart from earth, we will find our city whose builder and maker is God. We will for all eternity dwell in His tabernacle. You are welcome to read more about the Jewish feast in our “Feasts of the Lord” section under the NEWS tab of our web-site.

I bless you until next week!

Retah and family.

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