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Our destiny is in our blood.

18 January 2017

Our destiny is in our blood.

So many things are known, exposed and introduced by Hollywood, before we as Christians understand or believe anything about it. Recently a new movie was released with the subtitle ‘Your destiny is in your blood’. It is all about cell memory (epigenetics) and how it controls your destiny. I am not approving this movie. The name got my attention and I just smiled as I looked at the trailer.

We all battle and fight, but often without understanding. Just to fight aimlessly at ‘something in the air’ is not going to make a difference in your situation or health. To feel sorry for yourself is not going to change a thing. Just as God YHVH taught David and everyone else in the Bible to fight, so does He want to train our hands in warfare. But, our battle is in the spirit. We therefore need to be guided by Holy Spirit.

What do I fight, and what am I fighting for?

We are all fighting to get our inheritance back - our destiny and identity in Christ. Our blood carries a demonic inheritance (epigenetic markers - demonic destinies and identities) as we and our generations all traded the Promised Land with sin and unbelief. (see the prayer Cleansing and breaking epigenetic curses on my website). These were followed by demonic covenants in our blood, with Baal and Queen of Heaven, death and hell, sexual covenants and many others - all which need to be divorced and annulled through the Blood of the Lamb. There are also the voices and sounds of the demonic alters in our blood that cries out. Blood covenants, blood curses and our DNA speaks all the time in our minds; the voices in our blood. All of these keep us from possessing our full inheritance as sons of YHVH.

Our Abba gave us Yeshua, and restored to us the Promised Land in Him. His heart, His wholeness, His identity; but we have to possess it - claim it back - all through His Blood.

There is always fruit on the tree of your life - the fruit in your blood. You either eat the fruit of ‘kill, steal and destroy’ - or you are eating the fruit of ‘life in abundance’. The battles that we fight are the battles within - in my blood. They affect my body, soul and spirit. Mental as well as physical. Whatever is raging within me, stands up against me.

As I choose to enter into Him, into the fullness of the Promised Land, I put my heart on His heart, learning and fighting with Him step-by-step, claiming back the ground of our spiritual inheritance. I am seated in heavenly places where He teaches me how to overcome the demonic (even the mind control) in my blood.

We are never without hope. I just know that nothing is impossible for God.

We need to understand ‘how to’ fight the spiritual battles in the blood. People get tired and say ‘I prayed, but nothing changed’. Yes, you are right, sometimes we do not see the effect of our prayers. Maybe it is because we don't understand that the battle is in the spirit and not in the flesh. Your enemies are found in the strongholds in your blood that were passed on to you. They are hiding in deep layers – shielded by your demonic inheritance of sickness, poverty, anger, rebellion, hatred, addictions, double life and so much more. They control your destiny through mind control - all through your blood inheritance. You have to fulfill this ‘dark’ destiny. They do not mind that you go to church, or say that you are a Christian. They know that as long as they have a hold in your blood - they control you - ‘your destiny is in your blood’. Praise YHVH, this is why Yeshua gave His Blood to redeem us!

Maybe you read this today and say “I am free, I have nothing in me”. That is wonderful! But believe me, you have no idea how many people are out there living in the wilderness. Their lives are a total mess and the enemy tries to destroy them. Some just try to cope with whatever they face. Some battle and fight, but don't see breakthrough. It is just because they do not understand that everything is in the blood.

It is by choice that we leave the wilderness and cross over our Jordan, entering into the Promised Land of blessing, restoration, healing and receiving the fullness of YHVH as we overcome each giant in our blood. As much as I overcome, the more I will possess the Land.

As a child of God, I am a joint heir with Yeshua and He wants me to be an overcomer. The truth is He cheers me on every day to press on, to fight and to conquer. I have His Spirit that leads me with revelation and truth - because He knows that He as Truth shall set me free!

This is the year of breakthrough. We have a Godly spiritual inheritance as sons and daughters of YHVH that we have to possess.

There is a special anointing of Issachar which will enable you to understand the times and what to do. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

My dear friend, this is the time! Yeshua keeps on showing me that those who walk with Him will carry the anointing of Issachar. We will have that same understanding of the times we live in and how to combat the battles. For years, our generations were walking in the wilderness. They passed down their wilderness epigenetic markers to the next generation. These wilderness markers on your blood are designed to abort your royal inheritance. But few - yes few, were willing to enter into the Promised Land and to fight the giants.

In the times that we are in, He wants us to have new strategies for the battles we fight in our blood. Every day He is giving new grace, mercies and strategies.

Invade your Promised Land, do it step by step. Redeem the Physical and Spiritual Land YHVH has given you. This year at the Spirit Schools, we will learn step by step how to fight the demonic strongholds and layers in the blood and how to overcome mind control.

I bless you as an overcomer in Christ.

Love to you.

Retah and family

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