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My child, I want you to be an overcomer.

10 January 2017

My child, I want you to be an overcomer.

Rev 3:21 To him who overcomes I will grant him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

This is a new year, a new season in our lives, and yes even new challenges that we all have to face. You can look at your challenges and feel overwhelmed, or you can look at the same situation and ask the Lord for counsel. He knows the exact answer and has all the right answers.

YHVH wants us to see every situation through His eyes and understand what we are facing. Whatever comes against us, we have the ability in Christ to overcome. In Him is truth, and the Truth shall set us free.  The battle between the Kingdom of YHVH and the kingdom of Satan is heating up as never before. But in His hand is a scroll, a mandate for your life. It is time to take up that mandate! But how?

"Come My dear Child, come to Me. I see your yearning, your crying and your despair. I see your tears, I hear your - Why Lord why???"

It is not good enough to yearn for our ABBA Father’s presence. No, we have to come into His presence. There you will be led by Holy Spirit to hear His advice, His counsel - yes His voice. He directs us and show us the real battle.

He advises us to buy of Him gold refined by fire that we may become rich, and white garments that the shame of our nakedness would not be revealed.

He further instructs us to apply His eye salve that our eyes would be illuminated to see the unseen. Rev 3:18 If we don't come to Him, and battle by ourselves, we are looking through veils that blinds our eyes for the truth. Just like Lazarus was blinded by his condition. He will show you that this fire that you go through are all part of the continuous purification and a progressive sanctification.

"My child, as you go through the fire you will find that you have more and more capacity to love, to be thankful and to step out in faith and power. You will die in self, and make more space for Me to invade your heart. You will love your Creator more, and you will become mature as you grow in your faith in Christ. Your maturity will allow you to communicate with Me on a higher level. As you worship Me in Spirit and Truth, you will find yourself falling down before Me your King in complete submission and humility. You will make yourself totally available to whatever I ask you to do."

All we need to do is - to come. Call unto Him and He will answer. For those who is willing to respond to His voice and His invitation for intimacy and fellowship - an impartation is granted unto us - in His presence - to help us to become ‘overcomers’ and allow us to sit with Him on His throne as He overcome and sat with His Father. 

In that place of rest, Yeshua and His Holy Spirit is not only moving through us, but He is resting in us. 

How can we be over comers, if we have nothing to overcome? Our challenges that we face every day are what we have to overcome with Christ in us. 

The enemies that inhabit the ‘promised land’ are the strongholds and dominions existing in our soul that must be overcome through the appropriation of the Blood of Christ and His victory. The enemies are too great for us to fight in our own strength, just as the inhabitants of the promised land were too great for Israel to defeat without the Lord’s supernatural intervention. 

But Yeshua has pledged in His Word that we have the promise by which we become partakers of the divine nature. We can only do that by completely yielding to Holy Spirit. Then He becomes the very essence and foundation of our lives in Christ.

To yield is to completely consecrate our lives to YHVH. From this place of consecration, we walk in, speak from and see through.

We will start walking by faith, and not by sight. Then we will start acting on what we believe, because believing is acting, and trusting is having an attitude of faith.

Yes, it is not an easy road, but at the end we can see that we became more and more like Christ. Having His nature. This journey teaches us to build His Kingdom, (place were heaven and earth meets) rather than our own fleshly kingdom.

I look at our journey with Aldo for the past 12 years. No one really knows of our daily battles, our daily walk by faith for his health. Our challenges with his day to day living and helping him to just go through every day without hurting, falling or struggling to communicate with people.  He cannot yet have a good conversation, because what he thinks does not always come out correct. He asks every day what day it is of the week, and so forth.  But these small battles are fleshly, the real battle are in the spirit. Because the enemy don't want us to become over comers. Many times people think when everything is perfect in my life, then I will be an overcomer. But that is not true. Even if everything is not perfect in your eyes, your spirit can prosper as you keep on trusting God for the miracle in your life - He takes everything we give to Him and turn it around for His Glory.

But as I am writing this, I just realised again what a privilege we have to live our life seated in heavenly places. You look in His eyes and find peace in every situation, and you do just as He guides you. You take step by step, one day at a time. I have learned that I can pray and do as much as the day has hours in. After that ,I rest in knowing He is in control. We cannot allow ourselves to ever be fearful.  We live by faith, walk by faith and rest is faith - faith in YHVH. If we are going to focus only on our battles, and what Aldo cannot do, we will not make it. We do our best to help our children daily to be thankful for what we have, and what we can do. Not what we don't have, and what we can't do. We can be over comers in any situation!

I take Chantel,s hand as my own daughter and help her to overcome. We cannot sit and feel sorry for ourselves.

Do I still believe that Yeshua can heal Aldo completely? Yes I do! But I am not serving Him and loving Him for something. I love Him for who He is. Through all this battles and pain and fire we become over comers. And I just think we must never forget that the end mission is not only to get what we want, but become who He wants us to be - Christ like! God is God - He sees faith, and He answers faith! 

Don't make your pain a god - but give your pain to The Most High God YHVH. He is greater than anything else. He is God, and no situation will make a difference. He is on His Throne! Today I thank Him for all the fire, the salve that He supplied as I came to buy, and His arms that was wide open on the cross, and still is today for you and me. He makes a way were there seems to be no way.

I think what I want to say is - don't wait for the perfect day to give thanks and to rejoice. Don't wait until everything in your life is perfect before you choose to celebrate life. Do it now - surrender and overcome your challenges! Dream again - dream big because we serve the Most High God YHVH.

Every night as I get up from my knees, I close my eyes with a smile. Knowing God is with us, God loves us, and He wants me to be an overcomer - overcome every bad situation in my life. He has a better way, and He has all the answers. Stay in Him -  Christ who strengthens us. 

See yourself overcome, see yourself embracing life, and start rejoicing and keep your faith in YHVH. Surrender 2017 unto His hands. It is going to be a year of great growth and fresh anointing for those who come!

Be blessed my friend.

Retah and family.

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