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Mending our hearts together

I am at the airport awaiting, waiting for my last flight for the day.  Very long schedule I had with literally two days in the air – just because I wanted to spend my first night in the USA with very special friends.  They always stand with arms wide open when I arrive – have you ever felt so welcome?  Same, same when I arrive back home and my family waits for me with a coffee in the hand and wide arms opening … my letter is making me stop for a moment and just bow my head down in adoration for how good and merciful God is. (Not too long because it looks as if I am praying or falling asleep).

All throughout my life it felt I needed approval from man – how hard it is to be in ministry and also just to be human.  For most people this is normal to be perfecto ...  But not me.  How I love to feel at home, just be … be myself means have a nice cup of coffee and stretch out on a sofa. Yes, then the chatting starts.

Mending hearts together means to me ... having a safe space to tell how this long day was well spent.

I met a new friend from a flight from Washington to Houston.

I had a breakfast bagel, and a waitress that could not share my huge meal because she was on a fast. O wow, how good that is to hear, "Well, take some home," I suggested ... 😁  Knowing me, is knowing you - how I hate wasting food.

Bit by bit my day was filled with wonderful surprises that Holy Spirit had planned for me.

Pressure of the flight cabin had made me weak, so I fell asleep for a while.  As I opened my eyes I was invited to a home cooked dinner in Houston.  Not bad for a South African to find a meal in such a short time, I have to say.

But was it me, or was it Holy Spirit that planned this long day?

Mending hearts – also means deliverance to most people.  That’s why some South African people run when they see me coming.  Happy to announce that mending hearts does not mean deliverance, but healing of what made the heart so painful.

What a privilege to have a 16-hour flight - just me and Holy Spirit talking, talking,  talking, talking until I said, 'So when will I be able to sleep?'  Then the lights came on and breakfast arrived.  Pleased to announce that I gave that a miss.

Spending time with the waitress that was on a fast – was God’s way of treating me with sharing a meal with a stranger.  Placing my hand on hers – her face changed as she smiled at me.  I said, "You want to share my meal?" 

“No thank you, I had last night - last supper.”

“Last supper you said?”

“Yes mam, do you know His name?”

What a moment as we followed through and broke the bread and shared His cup – while sharing this I wonder who of you would believe me that we did so without anything other than Holy Spirit.

As I gazed up at the stars last night – I allowed Holy Spirit deep within my brokenness.

Yes, of course I have brokenness as well. 

This is what I mean by being in ministry.

How do you dare to feel that too? 

Yes, I have that too.  But what a beautiful delight it was to me, when God Almighty bowed down once again and shared His thoughts to me about mending hearts together as one.

Coming together Saturday night in Porterville – small town in the Western Cape, South Africa.  Men and women shared togetherness as Holy Spirit filled the place and melted our broken hearts. 

Together we raised our hands for some touch, then as I saw all the hands in the air – He asked of me, “Retah, how much I would love to see their faces too.”

Needed to share, as I found out today mending hearts does not only mean finding a need for God to heal. It can be as I share … a man on my right hand in need of a touch from God. Secretly I ask God, please see his secret need.

So, as I said – finding out that hands in the air while we worship is so so beautiful to God, but please my dearest friends, make sure He sees your face some time.

By now I hope my waiting is nearly over and ready I am to find out about my last flight.

Nearly missed my previous flight, just because I had too much to say to God when I had my earphones on. How blessed I am with a wonderful friend that spared me her own pair. Is that what God meant when He said – Blessed be he who gives without regret?

So this is me and so ready for a late-night shower.

Please continue without any regret my USA trip. 

Meaningful I was sent by my Abba Father with a special message to His beloved children.

Follow through and see what God is doing in the midst of those who wonder if God is still doing miracles.

Baai! Means goodbuy to those in need of finding a friend, make sure you book a space next to me on my next flight.

Save this space for more to come ...


20 March 2024

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