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May God be glorified...

Time passed and I was really busy.

America and its people are so good to me.

Many things are going on all over the world, but I have not even had time to put on a TV .

That’s good news, right!

But how would we know what is going on?  

I tell you that the politicians that I met was filled with concerns. And they have all the reason for that.

But how about God, who sits on the Throne of grace?

Can there be a dispensation change right now?

For those of you who saw me on this trip will know that this is what is going in my life right now.

I am happy to announce that God said to me – He will follow through.

Yes, with me, but also with you.

Changes are sometime difficult for the human understanding.  But the goodness of the Lord keeps on flowing as we follow Him day by day.

I found the beautiful treasure of God's design for my life.  How grateful I am to God, even at my age – it is never too late!

Following His Spirit is all that I desire, but still, I have a soul, and flesh.  I just had the most delightful piece of cake. My best ... my best friends know...

But what a fight it can bring in the realm of the spirit when truth and false believes connect.

"As a man believes in his heart – so he is.”

That is not only seen in politics, but most importantly in our own lives.

As I prayed for the following weekends, God showed me a glass filled with NEW WINE.  Yes, NEW… for those who are thirsty, come to the water.

There was water and fire – then water and ice … but God said that the dispensation change is: 

Grace to enter ETERNITY NOW.

Right now, it is not water – but gas and fire.

What does that mean? I asked my Father …

He said, “When I planned your trip, I said that I gave you a word for America.

You followed through, but now I want you to say that MY FIRE AND MY WATER is about to fill you again. Tonight as you will minister, I will continue to speak. Not what you planned, but what I want them to know.”

Living water is so NEW that I never know what God is going to do.

Planning is what General Flynn did. As I do not know him or his speech – but I felt to tell you that he is on a road trip around America to show a movie and it speaks about truth that will prevail.  I did not plan to write about him, but God allowed me to meet so many Generals on my trip.

Most of them are in God's army.

I was praying for a someone that is very dear to my heart, when a “General in God's army showed up.” As he walked in the conference room, I heard Holy Spirit said to me, “He is a General in My army.”

Sure enough as I continued in prayer, he went on his knees as we together said - “Jesus our Saviour, please save our country, but please first ... save our souls!!!!!!”  This man has a gentle spirit but I saw that he is strong in the Lord and His might.

That is how you will know from which dimension you live.

Gentle spirit creates strength of heart.

My husband has such a strong heart, and sons of God is what God called us for.

But the dispensation change is for the Bride to be …

Yes, that is you and me.

Follow through is what God asks of me and you.

I entered into the most exciting time of my eternal life.

Because I found out that “I am who God says I am.”

But that could only come to me as truth, when I found out who my King is…


Truth will prevail – may God save America.

Time for me to rest before tonight.  God surrounded me with so many dearest friends, and I say thank you to all around the globe.

To God all the Glory for tonight… and every day thereafter.

His Splendour, His Glory, His Power – forever and ever AMEN.

5 April 2024

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