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Lighthouse is your name

I look at you and I want to see the light in your eyes.

Are they dim or bright?

Hope, yes hope brings the light.

We are all lighthouses for our family, friends but also for ourselves.

Hope is such an important ingredient for the journey of faith.  

Hope is a very important friend of faith.

Hope is the goal-setter.

And faith is the substance of things hoped for.

The journey of faith can get long, it can get intense – some days your light is so dim, that you don't have much light even for yourself to go on.

But don’t lose your hope!

Hope in Jesus ... not in our own abilities, but in who He is.

Hope partners with faith, and it truly helps to have someone with us that is so close, as close as hope is to the heart.

In your heart you will hear His soft voice saying to you, "Don't give up My child.  Even if it is just you and Me alone. Don't give up!"

Since faith is the substance for things hoped for, then there must be some hope, or there wouldn't be anything to give substance to faith.

Nightmares are not filled with hope, but Jesus says, "Give me your nightmares, I am the one who fights for you. Spell out your pain, because I am the one who died on the cross for those lies that spell NO MORE HOPE!

You are my desire, and I cannot wait for us to finish this race together. Finish means that we walk it out one day at a time.

You will need to start trusting me again.

Faith and hope are friends.

And hope is the flavour, the ingredient that soaks the mental ability together in knowing HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Why do you forget so easily who I am?

My goodness and My mercy follow you every day of your life.

Transition is busy taking place in your heart.

I take you from outer darkness into My joy of knowing who you are! Yes, your life will change when you know that 'you are who God says you are.'

Hope, My child, is the ingredient that no one can live without.

But don't set your hope on man, please put your hope and trust in Me.

I am the one who created you, who died for you, who spells your name every day and gives you the ability to hold on - hold tight, My child - the fight is on, but your Redeemer lives.

Finish is not a sentence, it is not a date, it is not a time trail - it is a work in progress."

Truly this is a wonderful experience that is so painful. How do I explain this to the world?

Many are called, but few are chosen.  

You are chosen for such a time like this.

Your spirit is downcast - your eyes are closed, that’s ok - but do you see what I see?

I see the Revelation of Jesus Christ is being revealed to those who confront their fears.

Holy Spirit, we ask for your soft and gentle touch as we read this letter.

Please fill our hearts with hope and faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Again, and again I say, 'I am who Christ says I am.'

Trust and obey His time and His hand that is still on you - even if you don't see much.

Where will my help come from? Ps 121 ... My help comes from the Lord who created heaven and earth.

Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is ONE GOD.

Stronghold, I break your power, might and ability to steal our hope.

You will not overcome me and my house.

We stand in awe of who You are and how You still provide to us in times of trails.

This message is not from me to you my dear friend, this message is out of the heart of Jesus Christ for you and me. Therefore, let's stand up and take our bed and walk out.

You say to me I can’t even walk Retah, I feel defeated.

Blessed are you who don't condemn yourself but believe that our Redeemer lives in us.

Holy is His Name.

Worthy is the Lamb of God - trustworthy and praise and honour to His name.

Forever and ever, Amen.

With love and support to you - from my house to your house, in Jesus mighty name.

You are loved and I call you friend.

Retah and family 

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