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Few people understand this truth. Jesus asked Peter, “Peter, do you love me? Lay down your life, pick up your cross and follow Me.”

People think with rebirth they received the seed of Life, but their own will still rules their lives.

As a child of God you think you have a right to your own life: what you eat, drink, the way you spend your money, how you think and talk about others and what you do with your time. Are you self-centered or God-centered?

If not God-centered, then you have not yet received the life of abundance the Lord talks about in His Word.

To be filled with the Spirit of God is the best thing that can happen to you, but it demands of you to lay down yourself, the one who rules and regulates your heart and life and to place everything in your life in the hands of the new Owner – the Holy Spirit – with no compromises.

The power and joy of the Holy Spirit will be received as soon as we acknowledge the Lord as the Ruler of our lives. It is no longer Retha that lives, but Jesus in me.

People fail time and again in their struggle to die in themselves. Nobody can crucify himself. You must lay down yourself at the feet of your Master, give everything over in His hands… your life, your being, your dreams, everything!

Sometimes God uses a situation to let our own will die. The bad in your life crucifies you – keeps your hands and feet tied, so that you must die! People even resist that too. You must loose your life to gain a new life. Do not do anything in your own power.

If you try by yourself there will always be one hand that keeps on fighting.

Jesus did the same. He placed His life in the hands of His Father: for you and me. Jesus calls you today to follow Him. Be ready and lay down your life. God will come and pick you up.

Do not try to live an abundant life by your own power. You cannot… The Lord will give it to us through His Spirit.

Maybe you think: is there really anybody who is able to lay down everything?

On your own it is impossible. But with God everything is possible. Sometimes it is a situation where there is no way out, but you must bend your knees and say, “Lord I will walk the way. I will not try and fix the way, but know the potholes in the road to keep me humble and let me walk step by step. Our eyes must be locked on Jesus. Trust in Him, He baptises you with His Spirit. Crucify yourself and follow Him. Lay down your life and find a life of abundance …in Him.

Let Him fill your life where you used to fill it. Through Him flow streams of living water.

Jesus, close my mouth! Change me!

Are you thirsty? Come drink of the water so that you will never be thirsty again.



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