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It is time to go to Court to silence the accuser - and to walk in your generational blessings.

2 March 2017

It is time to go to Court to silence the accuser - and to walk in your generational blessings.

Worldwide we can all see that the darkness is just getting darker and more heavy on people. We have to get the darkness (dung in our DNA) out of us - because it is the darkness inside of man that the accuser of the brethren is using against us in the Courts of heaven. This hidden darkness testifies against us in Court. Our adversary is a legalist who uses unrepented generational and personal sin. The demonic blood covenants, vows and sins continuously cry out and testify against us in Court - and keep us from entering the promised land of God.

We have to go to the Court in heaven and agree as soon as possible with the accuser of the brethren for me and my father’s house (Math 5:25,26). We need to ask YHVH to open the books to see what has been recorded and is now used by the accuser against us. Then, with a true broken heart, as we see what these sins did to us and to His Kingdom purpose inside of us, we can repent and break these curses over us. The battle is in the spirit and in the spirit is a heavenly Court where you have to go and defend your case. Everything demonic in me has been divorced in the spirit in Court. Even when you were married on earth, and got divorced - you also have to divorce your spouse in the heavenly Court. If not, there will always be spiritual ties.

There is such a lack of understanding amongst Christians on how to defeat the enemy and how to receive the generational blessings and become an overcomer in Christ. An overcomer is someone that receives the promises of God, YHVH. In this hour, like never before, we need the generational blessings to empower us and run the race of faith with Holy Spirit to the end.

John 14:30 .... the prince, the evil genius, ruler of this world is coming....

We are all being confronted with different darkness inside of us and these are the challenges that each of us is facing. It is a journey of sanctification all through the Blood of Yeshua. We can dismantle the strongholds of darkness over our blood and minds through repentance. As long as pain, trauma and sin are in place, they can control our minds. Many a time there is captivity in the bloodline through trauma, iniquity, generational sin, hate, bitterness or even demonic worship and covenants. There are so much more in us than the eye can see.

Ps 64:2-5 There is a secret council of darkness (hell) that keeps the records of all the unrepented iniquities of families. They use it in Court as legal documents for only one reason - to destroy your God given destiny and identity! With this in place we will never enter into the promised land. Most people are so afraid to enter into the promised land - because then these giants in us need to be confronted and overcome by the Blood of Yeshua. These giants whisper to us saying – “you don't need to do any of these things, you are fine!” They keep people in bondage, and control their minds.

The Word says that the gates of hell will not prevail against us - because He gave us all we need to overcome. We have the keys of the Kingdom in our hands. We can unlock all the ungodly covenants through the Blood of Yeshua. The closer we come to YHVH, the more He teaches His bride to be set free. It all happens in the spirit through Holy Spirit guiding us and leading us.

There are many desperate people out there who say to me, “Retah, I have done everything, but still my life is filled with battles. The sin stands up in my children”. These sins have your children on a hook, or said differently - the legal accusations stand against you in the Court of heaven. The accuser has brought forth certain accusations and covenants which bears record in your blood as a case against you in the heavenly Court. These demonic records of your bloodline’s iniquity are presented as evidence against you and prevents you from living life in abundance.

In this journey with Aldo I had to learn that we have to operate in the spirit, understand the Courtroom and how it works. This is the only place where verdicts are given. This is where you submit your petition, where you agree with the accuser as he reads the records of your sin, and this is where you repent of your sins as you come with your witness (the Word of God), as He always testifies with us.

Trauma works the same. You will be amazed what the enemy can do with a broken heart. There are so many things that we as the body of Christ still don't know or understand about brokenness. Yeshua said “I came to set the captives free and to heal the brokenhearted”. His heart is for the broken - and He wants us to start operating in the spirit so that we can use what He gave us to be set free.

1 Cor 2:9 but, on the contrary, as the Scripture says, what eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, all that God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him (who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed.

I believe we are in times where the secret mysteries are being revealed so that the captives can be set free.

The enemy operates through brokenness (trauma) and then uses the unrepented sin (epigenetics) as the mind control spirit (octopus) with which he latches onto the broken part of our hearts. There he makes a demonic double of your pain with a demonic (generational) personality. People will say – “That is not my husband, or that is not my child. Look how he operates. Listen to how he speaks. Can you believe the sin he is suddenly attracted to? Where did that come from?”

That, is the sins of the generations, which together with trauma, Satan uses to form this double personality that takes over the broken person’s life. This is almost like a puppet who is controlled by dark strings that uses your body to sin and live a life of darkness.

Our brokenness needs healing, but it is also in Court where these doubles (demonic front steering wheel drivers of our lives) can be divorced, (also divorcing the demonic bloodline). All through repentance and the Blood of Yeshua. Only He can take the double personalities out of the wound. Then alone can healing take place, because now my Lazarus can see! These demonic doubles that took the steering wheel were blinding our spiritual senses like veils. They carry the soul copies of other people, they carry the demons, they carry the lies, they carry our dark emotions like hate and bitterness. They also carry all the false. The enemy copies what God did, but he can only use the demonic in our blood - that which is written in the books in Court. These ‘doubles’ carry the demonic identity, demonic destiny and absorbs the trauma, the pain and emotions so that healing cannot take place. They also prevent physical healing to take place, because the doubles keep the curses in place, keeping the person in trauma and in lies. As long as the double is a young infant - the person will believe all the lies and do the work that Satan called the bloodline to do.

It is there in the Court of heaven where I had most of our breakthroughs in Aldo’s journey of healing. As soon as the Blood comes and our Witness agrees with us, and the Glory Light shines - then revelation comes. That is where I deal with the doubles, because in Court only truth will stand. There my broken heart can receive healing - because truth is exposed - and the Word of God says that the truth sets us free!

With the Spirit Schools starting for the year - I think it is time that people learn how to deal with the demonic copies that prevents them from receiving healing. Look out for the CD and teaching about the Courts of Heaven that I had just finished.

With these wounds and double identities having control of the steering wheel of our lives - we will never live a victorious life in Christ.

It is time to learn the truth. It is time to start walking in the spirit - because only the truth will set you free.

What I am writing here was only learned through experience. Because Aldo is so sensitive in the spirit and because of the Blood of the Lamb that washes our sin away - Holy Spirit just started revealing to me more and more that I was dealing with a double personality when it came to Aldo’s trauma. I tested it - and the truth was revealed. Then Holy Spirit said to me; ”You have to go to Court and divorce your bloodline, because that is the stronghold that the enemy is using against you and your family. As long as that is in place, there will be a double on every wound of your heart”. The rest, I was taught step by step. And with every step I could see how the enemy was losing its power. I still had to deal with the lies, the curses, the demonic strongholds, the wounds, the demonic belief systems, the double destiny and identity, demons, the demonic soul parts of the generation and even just people that hates us.

What an amazing experience to see it all manifested

in the Court in heaven. But, there is always order - Yeshua takes control and healing takes place as He lifts the demonic and brings truth and the verdict of victory, healing, deliverance and overcoming- all through the Blood of the Lamb.

If this is too much for you - just take it to your Abba and ask Him - will You please show me where there are doubles in me? Will you please show me if this is true?

The rest you just follow step by step by His Spirit leading you. But, my dear friend - it all started with repentance!

John 8:32 You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Thank You, thank You so much Yeshua for Your Blood that saves us!!!!!!!

To all my friends in the USA - thank you so very much for loving me and caring so much for me. Being so open to receive the Truth, and thank you for running the race of faith with us. It feels like home and I thank God for opening up so many doors for me in the USA.

It is a very long journey back home to Cape Town, and arriving here I found that we only have 90 days of water left. It is very dry and people are seeking God for His mercy for rain. So sad that people seek God now only because we are so desperate!

Let Your rain come in the Spirit first. Lord we need your latter rains more than anything else.

My family is well. We are thankful and very humbled that God helped us through this journey. He wants all of His children to be ready when He comes. Don't see it as all bad, but as a privilege that you can deal with whatever is blocking you to enter into His fullness.

Seek God my dear friend - seek God. He will be found by you.

Retah and family.

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