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He wants you to be free!!!

11 May 2017

He wants you to be free!!!

Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth and said ‘In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality’.

All of mankind is being faced with times of difficulty. Even in the midst of us, His children, knowing the calling and commission of our lives.

How can it be that the thought lives of people can be so consumed by overwhelming feelings of rejection, discouragement, blaming others, mental illness, disappointments, sickness, distractions, addictions, lust and so many more? So much so, that people struggle to pray or to read the Word of God. The truth is, that this generational system’s that we fight, main purpose is to try anything and everything to take us away from a love relationship with Christ; thereby stealing our destiny in Him. This generational system keeps us in bondage to living a life of despair.

You can do your best, reading all the books you can find and every teaching possible. You can study the Word of God, but if this octopus (mind control spirit) with dark demonic soul copies (controllers) of other people’s souls in it - are on your mind, it will control your mind! When they control your mind, they control your life and you will be oblivious to what you are in fact doing. You will just be lost, in denial and being controlled - doing exactly what that spirit or soul copy wants you to do. You will be programmed!

2 Cor 4:4 For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers' minds [that they should not discern the truth], preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (the Messiah), Who is the Image and Likeness of God.

This control system oppresses your walk with God and keeps you in bondage and ill. You will not be able to get out by yourself –because they take your ‘will’ captive.

We need the Truth – because only the Truth shall set us free.

And secondly, we need love, unconditional love from those who loves us.

That is why Yeshua said to Mary and Martha, “Help Lazarus”. He could handle it all by Himself, but he did not. He asked them to help him! It is a spiritual battle and it has to be fought in the spirit. And believe me – this is not an easy battle!!!!

These demonic markers (curses) with all the demonic dark programmed soul copies gain access to your mind because of yet unresolved bloodline sins - (Epigenetic markers or curses are formed through sin that was never acknowledged and repented of as sin).

If you are still secretly doing sin, or are still in denial of your occult heritage, you are still living a double life. These things give the legal right for the controllers to program your mind and you become the one they work through. You did not even ask for it. You inherited the curses and they came with the curses to take over your life. Think of the sin in your life as a bus, the curses the name on the bus and the dark demonic soul copies or controllers as the passengers – coming along for the ride.

Yes, even if you love God!

These controllers will have a mission for your life and it is much deeper than what the eye can see. It is always to kill, steal and destroy everything in your life! Yes, even your family, your children, yourself and yes, your generation.

Ungodly spiritual ties, generational ties, sexual ties, trauma ties, emotional ties; that are never broken, become a tube through which they feed you. It can even be your family that wants to destroy your destiny in this way.

Even emotional, spiritual and physical trauma in a family line can be a spiritual tie that has to be broken. The demonic copies use the feeding tubes of trauma and pain attached to your life to feed their dark appetites. These spiritual ties become an avenue for the demons and demonic soul copies to work through. You will find that that which has happened to them in life, formed their appetites for certain things and they now want you to do and feed on the same things. Hereby, we become the generation that continues the dark legacy – keeping them alive through our sin, transgressions and iniquities.

Wounds that are not yet healed are a breeding space for these demonic soul copies of deceased people, or even for those people who are still alive. It is almost like birds of a feather flocking together, to form a group that pushes for dark behavior; thereby continuing the dark legacy. The soul copies of those that are still alive are usually people who are very angry and bitter.

These soul copies take control of the steering wheel of your life from out of your wounds. The blame, hate, anger and unforgiveness that you sow out of your wounds is the food for these dark soul copies of other people in you. They love to fire up hate and blame, sexual lust, addiction and so forth, so that they can feed on it. Our sins are food and offerings on these communal demonic altars. Families live under the dark anointing of these dark altars. As we overcome, we start living under the anointing of Yeshua’s glory. These soul copies can be a family member that drank so much and now that soul copy sits in your wound and prompts and urges you to drink just as he did. Exactly the same with lust, with addiction, hate and murder – the list goes on and on. You become another person when that soul copy takes over your will. You will live a dark double life. In front of people you will smile, but in your spirit heart you will hate, or have bitterness, or blame.

These dark soul copies cannot be handled in the same manner as demons, because they are not demons. I believe that this is why Yeshua said to the disciples after they have tried everything, “These ones do not go out in the same way, it only goes out by fasting and prayer”. (A Sanctification process where I take step-by-step accountability for my own life).

You need to go to the Courts of Heaven to deal with your participation in this sin. You need to deal with your anger, repent and thereby remove their breeding ground. Only then can you start dealing with the demonic soul copies. But remember they have a will, and if they have legal rights, I have found that they don't go anywhere! Praise God for the Blood of Yeshua and the power of forgiveness for me and my father’s house.

You can say to me - this is new Retah? No, it is not new, it is just not spoken about. Many people for years could not get freedom and this is the reason!

A soul copy has a will and they latch onto generational curses such as hate, blame and hidden sin. We can deal with them in the Name of Yeshua and He can come and remove them as we make sure that there is no place for them to come back to.

I am not sure if you understand everything as I have explained it today – but, we have to start bringing the unseen into the seen. From the realm of the spirit to now! And these are the hidden things in the realm of the unseen that torment people’s lives for so long. They are responsible for marriages failing, children in torment, addictions, sickness and so much more!

A demonic soul copy can sit and keep cancer in place, he can keep lust in place and addiction in place.

How do I get rid of them? Holy Spirit is just so faithful and if you ask Him, He will start walking the sanctification road with you. That is the place where I have to get my subconscious – my spirit heart – also cleansed from all the darkness in the spirit that goes from one generation to another. It is truly deeper than the eyes can see.

If you only look with eyes of the flesh, you will struggle to understand. In the unseen is the kingdom of darkness, or the Kingdom of light. We either carry darkness, or light. And our lives reveal the fruit thereof. Yeshua only looks at the condition of our hearts.

No Lazarus can do this by himself! Love your neighbors like yourself. Where are those who love these broken ones? Yes, it is not easy, it is truly a journey, but I tell you – it is soooo worthwhile!

Lazarus will think, feel and act just like the demonic soul copy no longer knowing and living from his own free will. Lazarus will fight an inner battle that is hard to describe to someone standing on the outside.

But God – But God!!!!

He wants us to walk in the Spirit. He wants us to demonstrate lives in the spirit with Him, lives of Godliness. When we walk with these demonic soul copies, we demonstrate lives of darkness to the world.

Come into a relationship with God and His Spirit will help you. None of us are any better than another. He feels the same towards all of us. He gave His Son, His Blood for all of us.

It just saddens me so that people are content with being captives! And their children and loved ones suffer the most.

I have tasted and I have seen the destruction, but also God’s grace. I have learned through Holy Spirit and Aldo’s writings what we have fought for many years.

Even depression can carry a soul copy of a grandma or mother in you. The mother would not even know that she has a dark part in her. That part would have a demonic mission in life. Your children would be tormented by that soul copy of yours and even people around you will be affected by your dark calling. You will carry dark fruit in your life - feeding your children in the spirit these demonic fruits (tormenting). In the flesh, you can tell them all the most beautiful Bible scriptures, but your dark demonic soul copy will have a different job! All the darkness in man has dark demonic soul copies with dark demonic missions. People get married and become one. That is why marriages are in such a state – a double portion soul copy trouble.

So yes, it means that we all need sanctification – because if you are a parent, carrying a dark part in you, you are the demonic handler (controller) or gate keeper for your children to eat the same destruction as you had done. Through the spiritual ties, they will feed your demonic soul copies, or your generational demonic soul copies.

Yeshua said if one is to walk in the spirit, we have to remember that His law is set and His Word is true and cannot be overridden – it must be adhered to. We have to repent – become sanctified and walk in the Spirit of Truth.

More than ever, the Spirit of God wants to demonstrate Himself through His children. And if not His Spirit – Who’s spirit my friend?

Know that God reveals these truths - so that we can be set free! You can reject it - or ask Holy Spirit to reveal it to yourself.

There is always hope - because Jesus Christ is alive!

Love to you - Retah and family.

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