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Finding rest in the Lord

18 February 2020

Abba Father wants us to find rest in Him, even during times of uncertainty, difficulties, imperfectness or just in our everyday busyness.

Resting in the Lord means different things for different people. Resting is a condition of the heart, just as anxiousness is a condition of the heart.

I have learned that I had to daily make a decision to live my life in His rest.  To rest is not a place of inactivity. No, it means to take action but to do things differently.

You will never find rest without surrendering everything to Jesus Christ. This means that we no longer carry all our burdens ourselves. We have this idea that we have to hold everything together and the gaps that are left – the things we don’t get to – those we submit unto Jesus. No, look what Col 1:17 says, And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together). Did you see that? In Him all things are held together. This is the position of rest.

Resting does not mean passivity, but refers to interaction between you and God. It is a love relationship where we can lay down our cares, speaking to God about everything, hearing His voice and acting upon His instructions.

I just love to turn towards Him whenever I feel heavy or concerned. For years, I carried things deep within my heart – thinking I have to cope all the time – and this was very harmful to my health. Today I love to cast all my deepest pain unto Him.

The more I exercise casting my cares upon Him, the more I experience His rest in my heart. What an incredible trade through the blood of the Lamb. And through this, His rest and peace have become healing to my bones. (Prov 3:5-8)

We all need this to become a habit. But so quickly the enemy wants us to become heavy burdened because we cannot control everything for the better and have it perfect.

When you feel discouraged, don't wait. Turn immediately to your Abba Father in prayer and surrender all to Him. Tell Him how you feel and know that He will immediately start working on your behalf.

I love to share the details with Him, because I know that He cares about my heart. I trust Him completely, even if I don't see a change yet – I enter into His rest.

In the journey with Aldo, I have learned to enjoy life and remain in His rest even when everything is not perfect. During my USA trip, Chantel sent me voice notes every day from Aldo speaking to me. His speech is very, very slow and it is difficult for him to speak.

As I sat on my bed late at night in the USA listening to his messages, the tears would roll down my cheeks.

"Why do you cry, Abba asked me? Is it because his speech is not perfect?"

I sat and wondered about that?

"I want to tell you, my child, what you hear may not be perfect, but it is pure. I want you to remain in My rest. Everything in life does not need to be perfect, I am searching for the pure of heart, but man’s search is for perfection. Enjoy Aldo and rest.”

Release your fears, concerns and burdens to Jesus. He is waiting for us to lean on Him with all of our being, so that we can find rest in Him. Worry and fear are the titles of the war we face, and we benefit nothing from it. In fact – it will kill us!

Trusting God means giving up worrying and anxiety and rather enter into His rest by turning our eyes towards Jesus Christ.

Not my will but Your will, Lord!

To me, rest is also knowing that He will work all things out, even without my help. This trust and faith come with spiritual maturity. It is a spiritual muscle that we develop over time as we keep on trusting God, staying in His rest and peace.

I have to train myself daily to stay in rest when things get tough. God promised to renew our strength like the eagle, and we will run and not faint. Only in His presence do we find rest. And that is where I get my spirit energized.

The challenge is to find divine rest in the busyness and demands of the world, in the challenges we face, in the imperfectness of ourselves and our children.

 "Rest in God" is a blessing that God has in store for those who trust in Him with all their heart. (Heb 4:3)

I bless you today with "Rest in God."

Shalom from me to you


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