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Faith and Patience

We have just returned from a week long holiday at the sea and all I can say is it was so good to draw fresh new nourishment from the riverbed! With Aldo around us, we stay on your knees... because he is always on his knees, or he is in the Word. I was once again reminded of how he loves the Word of God. He wrote in one of his letters: ‘My Bible is the only true wine that gives me wisdom. My Bible holds everything that God wants to give to me. My Bible always needs to be with me. Wisdom said He will always be there for us.’

We had a twelve hour road-trip home after the holiday, and Aldo spent 90% of the time reading the Word. Every time I glanced back, tears came to my eyes when I saw him reading and I thought to myself: God, how can you be so good to us?

We spent the last couple of days of our holiday at a secluded ‘shack’ on the beach with no people around us. The men tried to catch some fish, but for a long time nothing happened. Then Aldo went on his knees on the rocks and started praying, asking God for the fish. Tinus just smiled at him. The next thing, he caught his fish! “Dad, whatever you need, just ask God in the name of Jesus, without doubting,” he said while he smiled back.

I talk a lot about faith. But there is another force that goes along with faith - just as important. This powerful force is patience. The ability to stand on the Word of God even when your victory seems slow in coming. Patience does not come automatically. Faith and Patience will not be active in your life without your help. You need to let patience have its complete work in you - this means you need to constantly trust and rely confidently on the Word of God, and not look to your situation.

But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing. (James 1:4 AMP)

I am leaving for America tonight, and my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving! Last year, when I left to do this trip, Aldo was so very sick. As I got on the plane I cried and cried! This year I am full of joy and thankfulness. It was not in my time, but in God’s time that He healed Aldo from epilepsy.

Aldo wrote the other day “Wisdom says He is going with you to America. Tell them to work. He will keep on providing for those whose eyes are on Him. Many are seeking His hands and not His heart. You have to tell them, with God we don’t wish, we trust in God. Wisdom said, go and show them God’s power, but with His love. Not many people live in His love Mom - take them to the throne room. Wisdom said I must keep my eyes only on God.”

The kids are still on holiday, and I have to leave my hubby at home on his birthday in October for the third year. But I Praise God that we are now in His kingdom and that His works are now more important to us than our own lives. It is wonderful to have a husband that understands God’s calling and shares the same love and passion for Him as I do. I know the time will come when we will travel together around the world for God. But for now – patience.

God bless your spirit, and STAND in faith!


P.S. Aldo is in an A.C.E school, and one of the school’s projects is “Winning souls for Christ.” If Aldo, and his miraculous testimony, has touched your life and you would like to share this with the world, please write to us These testimonials will be compiled together as a living testimony of what a great and living God can do! Glory to the King – whose ways are far above our own!

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