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Divine Destiny

I returned from Australia, and as the plane came in very early that morning over Africa; I saw the red sun came up over the African continent. The morning star was shining brightly – welcoming me back. It felt like the blood in my vines was burning as I realized, once again, that the fire of God is on Africa. My spirit cried out “GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD!”

My beautiful husband was already waiting for me with a hot coffee and a nice South African muffin, as I stepped through the gates at 6 o’clock. “Welcome home! The house is just too quiet without you!”  With tears in my eyes I left so many South Africans behind in Australia. They felt like my brothers and sisters. How I prayed for them on the plane, because I could see the pain in their eyes. I know they miss their families and friends, and yes our beloved country as well.

Each of us has a destiny... There are two destinies for every person that is born into this world: A natural destiny and a divine destiny. The natural destiny is guided and controlled by the normal circumstances of life – things like your place of birth, economic conditions, and even the political situation. It is sad to say, but this is the only destiny that most people are acquainted with, and it is a dangerous place to be if your hope is fixed on this destiny. Many people have lost their lives early because they were born in a war-torn country - they didn’t do any wrong; by no fault of their own, they became victims of circumstance. The answer to a fulfilled life, is to embrace and live for God’s destiny for your life – your divine destiny!

Divine destiny is the series of events of a man’s life that is organized and pre-planned by God Himself, in a way that would only bring glory to Him. It’s the God orchestrated path for your live that takes you from victory to victory and from glory to glory, in spite of persecutions and hardships.

We all need to make sure we are not living from, and for, our natural destiny; but divine destiny. The whole course of your life will change dramatically if you embrace this truth. Only the Spirit of God will take you on to fulfill this divine destiny. Those who are surrendered to God will be led by the Holy Spirit, and He will guide you in to the divine plan of your life (John 16:13).

Ask, with me, today: “Holy Spirit, please take charge of my life, and please lead me into the path of God’s destiny for my life. Father God, thank You that I have a destiny in You. I choose, now, to start functioning in that destiny and ask that by Your Spirit, You will guide me into the path of success and greatness that You have chosen for me. I want to walk the road that You have prepared for me to walk in - even though it may be difficult. I know I am not here for myself, but for You and You alone. We love you Father God!”

My time in Australia was amazing! I met the most wonderful people. From my travels all over the world I have learnt that the majority of people don’t serve the Lord Jesus; but rather, themselves. How I cry when I see that, sometimes, even the people sitting in the Church, don’t know God for who He is. Jesus did miracles, signs and wonders – all acts of love and compassion. He freed people and just loved them. Love changes everything. Most people are frightened when they see God doing wonders.  I believe it is because they realize the situation is out of their control, and it takes them out of their comfort zone. We cannot box God in.

My beautiful son Josh said before I left, “Mom, please will you bring me an Australian rugby jersey. Especially the three-nation’s jersey, if you can.” The day before I returned to South-Africa, I ran from store to store to find the correct rugby jersey. He was so impressed with me when I walked in with his present. Today is the second day in a row that he is wearing his new jersey. Aldo is wearing a beautiful T-shirt that a church in Florida, America, sent him. On the T-shirt it says: “Because Jesus said so,” and today is also Aldo’s second day of wearing his favorite shirt. I wonder to myself if it is only my children that are so strange to wear their new things over and over?  

I told Aldo that a girl in Australia drew him a very nice picture with roses and a short letter. He read the letter and looked at her picture, and then asked me, “Mom, why didn’t you bring her with you, instead of the picture?”

We laughed and cried, because I know it is so good for him to know that his life means something to a young girl his age. Well praise God; I know his wonderful wife is out there somewhere, waiting for him. And she will love him unconditionally!

Aldo is still, after five years, completely drained at night. Around 20h00 he falls on his knees to pray and then he is off to bed. His body is resting, but his spirit goes to Jesus. I stand at his door and watch him as the peace of Jesus rests on his face. I just need to keep op trusting and believing; God will do the rest.

The day after I returned to South Africa, was my hospital day, and I went to pray for some people in the hospital. Please go and do the same; don’t wait for someone ells to do it – it might be too late. Jesus will honor your faith in Him. Tinus went with me, because we don’t have much time together, we try to make the best of every opportunity. I can see how it always touches him to see how God moves in special ways. After our hospital rounds, we went for lunch. How wonderful to look in his eyes and to see the love of Jesus! Jesus is truly teaching Tinus patience through Aldo. It takes time, but I can see that after five years Tinus has changed into a patient husband, father, man of God, full of love. Praise God that He loves us and doesn’t give up on us. I, myself, still have so many things that need to be worked on, but Holy Spirit never leaves us nor forsakes us!

To all the wonderful people I met in Australia. From young to old - thank you for your love, the way you welcomed me, and opened your hearts and homes to me. Thank you, for not rejecting the power of God. Thank you, that you took the fire of the Spirit into your hearts, and I know the Holy Spirit will set Australia on fire through you. Thank you, for my going away party. Thank you so very much!

Until I see you next year; remain one with the King!

I am leaving now for Namibia. I will be ministering there this weekend, and I am looking forward to be in the Africa bush once again. We are going to have a Spirit Filled weekend with the people of Namibia. I know that Namibia is the womb of Africa, and God is pouring out more and more fire for the continent of Africa there.

We are in the last hour. Be ready and waiting for the King, with lamps full of oil. Keep on growing in your walk with the Lord and let your focus be only on Him.

To all the people who have sown seeds into the Hebrew translation of our book, thank you, thank you, thank you!

May God bless your spirit.

God bless you all!


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