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Demonic dark cellular history

29 June 2017..

Demonic dark cellular history

This is something that we do not want to acknowledge – but it is true. There is a dark veil of double-mindedness over us. We have inherited these dark memories. It is called curses from the generations before us. Just as we have inherited the light memories, called blessings from our forefathers. They call it markers or ‘cellular memory’. If you could see them in the spirit it would be like ‘inherited files of memories’ that dictate our behaviour and keep us in bondage.

In the spirit is the mind binding spirit – the octopus upon your mind.

Experts have verified that the source of all symptoms of pain and anxiety is not located in the body. Its located in your sub-consciousness – your spirit heart. Scientists call the ‘spirit heart’ – the markers on the cell memory (epigenetics).

Aldo wrote, “Epigenetics is sin that has never been repented of as sin. It is transferred from one generation to another. Or you can call it your genetic history.”

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All history is not stored in the brain. I saw this with Aldo having a severe brain injury and still being able to write in depth about our generations’ dark history that has not being dealt with. How is it possible for him to know this in such detail? Scientists have discovered that our experiences do not just reside in our brains, but are recorded at cellular level throughout our bodies. They believe that these markers on our cellular memories are the true source of all illness and disease. I totally agree with them. Surgeons have even removed large parts of people’s brains and have found that they still carry generational memories.

I know from experience, that God bypasses our brains and deals with our spirit hearts. King Solomon understood this concept. He referred to it as ‘the issues of the heart’ (the spiritual heart, your subconscious or unconscious heart).

Scientists believe that these markers or cellular memories might mean the difference between health and sickness or life and death. They have found that cancer can be the result of a negative, traumatic or ‘bad’ cellular memory (epigenetic) having replaced a good or life giving one. They have found present in the cellular memory – soul memories of people who have died of the same cause already present in the cell.

We understand this as soul, spirit, time or place ties which bind us with deceased family members who had the same diagnosis. These soul memories take a ride with you and live their lives through you.

Dark cellular memories (curses) are just memories from ancestors that have not been dealt with in repentance – have not been brought under the blood of the Lamb. These include the generational and our own trauma memories, pain memories, sickness, lies and rejection memories.

I have seen that psychological trauma like an accident, unexpected traumatic circumstances, addiction, depression, divorce, hate, anger, bitterness, murder or fear are carried to the cells and are strengthened by the deposit of the same generational memories already present in the cells.

It is as if they team up knowing that there is strength in numbers. These memories are programmed into the cells in our bodies, and when it is time for the curse to pay out – the memory gets paid out in full (generationally and your own).

The epigenetics then tilt, or change its structure from light to darkness. The darkness spills over from the cells and takes over your life, your thoughts and actions. We know from the Word that the result of sin is death, therefore a part of our humanity now ends up in Lazarus’ grave. This can happen on the day you are born, when you are a teenager, with trauma, or even as an adult. When it is time for the curse to be activated, it pays out and takes a part of your spirit heart into captivity.

At this point the dark cell memories override your own memories. You become sick, or your mind becomes disturbed, darkened and your life takes on the demonic task – of killing, stealing and destroying.

We often understand this to be true of our souls – carrying this darkness and brokenness. But, if we, like surgeons would open up the spirit dimension – cutting open the spirit heart - we would see that ‘parts’ of us are being kept in regions of captivity. We must begin to understand the realms of the spirit and enter in with Jesus Christ, helping those who are being held captive. We need to realize that it is a part of that person’s spirit that is captive. And over this as a seal, sits the mind binding/control spirit (the octopus) sealing off and holding in place the dark memories of the spirit heart and mind. The octopus’ job is to paralyze the captive part, with the ultimate goal of taking over all control.

There are reasons, or legal rights for this to happen, and God is just so faithful that He opens so much truth that we can understand this process and be set free.

But on entering these regions of captivity, you will find that there are many storms present in these prophetic dimensions and a great war is waging in the spirit. We need not to be afraid. The dark forces want to scare you away and therefore they deploy all these dark demonic defense mechanisms.

It will stand up in different forms. Just to keep you away.

In our case, it was epilepsy. It can be pride, denial, religion, self-centeredness or just sickness.

There are demons and soul copies (prints of generational memory, belief systems of people) in the octopus on your mind – and they control the person and imprison his/her mind.

If long as you are living out of this prison, you will never enter the levels of glory and freedom that Christ has died for.

The imprisonment continues in many people’s lives because few understand that that little part of your heart can be there for over 50 years and that it knows no other reality.

By now, that part has made covenants with Satan, has become cult loyal, having taken on the dark responsibility of being a handler or programmer through whom the demonic can work in that family. These parts have now inherited the dark calling, the dark anointing, to be a bondservant and a dark disciple of Satan.

The darkness in you will covenant with the darkness in other people. This is why marriages are so dark and destructive.

All these things must be renounced, repented of and the seal of Lazarus grave must be broken.

That seal is the ‘dark demonic covenant with Satan’ that we all made in the dark kingdom, keeping all of this in the grave (wilderness) from one generation to the next.

Many people come out of African witchcraft, Freemasonry, other forms of witchcraft or the occult. If you think - No Retah - none of that? My dear friend - do you know Eve?

You might have inherited these dark rankings and skills over your spirit mind. Or you just have inherited Satan’s identity; his pride, his self-righteousness and so forth? And now that broken part of you with the dark cell memory on it live in the grave with its inherited demonic estate.

The good news is – Jesus died to set the captives free and to heal the broken hearted. He wants us all free. It is time to take your family’s hand and to get out of these dark memory prisons.

After many years fighting for Aldo’s life, I truly believe that God helped me to understand and gave me the key to open it all up. It is nothing new – it is just His Wisdom and His revelation.

Once you are outside and placed in the heart of the Father in heavenly places, the demons and souls that torment you can no longer access or find you.

The result of this type of deliverance is what the world is longing for. If you are filled with Holy Spirit, you can start the journey of freedom with yourself and those around you.

If you understand what you are doing – the effect is immediately!!!!!

This overrules medical books, and the results are just amazing. Freedom at last!

If you don't understand that you are dealing with the spirit heart, and not the flesh, it will not be a one day exercise because the parts are sometimes angry that you found them and that you want to help remove them from the only spiritual atmosphere they know. I know this sounds ridiculous – but it is true! These captive souls are sometimes afraid to leave or fearful of the dark souls inside of them that torments them, they are also kept loyal because of the vows they have made or have inherited.

Once you are in Lazarus’ grave, you receive through the dark cell memory a dark job. And that is always to ‘kill, steal and destroy’.

But, God showed me how to speak to their spirit heart through the Blood of Yeshua. Thank You Yeshua that we can ask them if they are willing to break the demonic seals - the stone before the grave. This will break the generational covenants with the Death and Hell spirit mind (Isaiah 28), Satan, with Jezebel and Lilith and the snake.

From there you can repent with them, breaking the seal, renouncing their job as a handler (the one they used to destroy your marriage, or to destroy your children with your tongue), as a mind control servant, a bondservant, a disciple, a remnant, a troop of Satan’s army.

In the Name of Yeshua, you can break the power of all these curses and covenants. Bind all the demons and ask Yeshua to bring His Blood judgements over the whole system where all the soul duplicates are in.

(This is why it is called a double mind - you have the generation’s mind upon yours - the octopus.)

You can curse the curse, the root of the tree, so that no one will eat of this fruit ever again, in the Name of Yeshua.

Pray that Yeshua will take this part out of the region of captivity and put him in the Blood of Yeshua, in the Father’s heart.

Isaiah 42:16 I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar parts I will guide them. I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These things are the things I will do - I will not forsake them.

You are able to deal with these parts that are in Lazarus’ grave, blinded by the dark cell memories over their minds. You have Holy Spirit who can lead you to find the different places where they are stuck. It can be in the mother’s dark womb, in trauma, in a covenant, in a dark hospital, on a dark altar… but, Holy Spirit is faithful to help, guide and lead.

Start with Holy Spirit and the Blood of Yeshua. Speak to these broken parts through the Blood of Yeshua. Teach them to depend on Him and not on man. Walk the journey with them, and deal with whatever stands up.

Close the door of captivity and seal everything with the Blood of the Lamb.

Always deal with them in love!

It is very interesting that some scientists say that epigenetics (dark cell memories) can be tilted/transformed through love! I believe as they are in the grave, there is only tormenting and no love at all.

The dark history on our minds are our inheritance from our generations. It needs to be repented and renounced so that we will fall out of agreement with Satan. Then we need to cut on both sides the spiritual ties with these regions of captivity, the second heaven and the associated curses.

All this you can do in the Heavenly court - and that is also now the place where you ask Abba Father to unlock your God-given destiny and identity for you and your generation.

You may ask to receive your generational blessings that were stolen.

Praise God our children will inherit blessings as we cleanse these cell memories through the Blood of Yeshua.

I believe with all my heart that the Blood of Jesus Christ is enough. The offer of complete freedom in Christ still stands. Yeshua has paid the full price so that we can enter into the depths of salvation and freedom in Him. Let’s stand up and face the truth inside of our spirit hearts.

For years, I fought and knew that the dark death epigenetic paid out on Aldo. But I did not know how to fight it. Thirteen years of battling – and God showed me step by step how to slain Goliath. After I have done this whole process with Aldo, he wrote:

“Denke is nou lig – My mind is now light (no more darkness)

Joe, jy kill Goliat! – Wow, you killed Goliath!

Ek is uit die dood – I am out of death.

Abba, U is dadelik hulp vir Aldo – Abba, you immediately helped Aldo.

Kort nou net Heilige gees daar in. – Now I just need Holy Spirit in that place of my spirit heart.

In spirit mind is dark ark uit – The dark ark is out of my spirit mind.

Dark boedel is af – dark estate is off me.

Leiding is end – suffering has ended.

Emmanuel God is met ons – Emmanual God is with us.

Dark mind is lit – The dark double mind is out of me.

How will I ever thank Yeshua enough!!!!

For years, the body of Christ did not understand. But only true Wisdom from God, revelation from God – His Truth shall set us free!

This will override many understandings.

Because it is from His Kingdom!

Face the true condition of your spirit heart, and allow the One that has the Sword of the Spirit in His hand to open and reveal the truth inside of you.

Remember – you have to walk out your salvation with fear and trembling. We need redemption in our spirit heart.

Let’s run the race of faith and allow God to set the captives in us free, healing our broken hearts.

Remember - the story is not over yet!

Retah and family.

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