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Christ in me - my hope of glory!

Our first “Spirit School” (Retreat) was this week, and how I praise God for His amazing presence. I met people with a hunger for the fullness of God. The first step to enter into God’s sanctuary is a holy hunger which cannot be bought or taught.  You either have it or you don’t. Those who attended the retreat this week had that hunger. Aldo prayed for everyone afterwards in his plain and simple way – but when he touched them, the anointing flowed. It was wonderful for me to wash everyone’s feet, and serve them just as Jesus wants His bride to be a Bride that serves

Look at what David says in Psalm 63: 1 - 2

O God, you are my God, I earnestly search for You. My soul thirsts for You. My whole body longs for You. In this parched and weary land where there is no water. I have seen You in Your sanctuary and gazed upon your power and glory. Your unfailing love is better than life itself – how I praise You!

David’s hunger for God led him into God’s sanctuary. There he could see God’s Glory and power.

Many times people stand on the outside and want God to open the eyes of their hearts. Your eyes will automatically be opened in the spirit as you enter into the sanctuary. We need to enter in! Everybody is so scared to enter in and that keeps God’s children bound in the flesh, trying to worship Him out of the flesh and not in spirit and truth. I ask little Josh every night when he prays to tell me what he sees in the sanctuary as he enters in. Wow, I stand amazed at what he tells me. Kids can easily see in the spirit because of their childlike faith. We just need to be shown the doorway and persistently seek and practice how to enter in. For some reason many people run in the other direction the moment there is talk about walking in the spirit. They have become used to worshipping God in the flesh. Unfortunately, it is all they know.

Paul says many born-again believers don’t walk in the fullness of God because they don’t understand the difference between a son and a slave (Gal. 4:1-6). They are still slaves and in bondage to worldly elements. They are children of God BUT ignorant of who they are “IN CHRIST”.

Only when you are taught by the Holy Spirit and His words are transformed from Logos (the written word) to Rhema (the revealed truth) that spiritual growth will take place. Only such teachings can bring believers to awareness of who they are in Christ. This knowledge propels them into living in the Spirit. We all have a great need for True Spiritual Knowledge. People do not know how to give their minds to the Spirit and then to be mindful of Him in every activity of their lives. As we strive to draw closer through the flesh there is a drawing and pulling away by the flesh that keeps us away from hearing the Spirit. That is satan’s plan, and we all fall into that trap if we are not mindful of his schemes. Our minds need to be constantly renewed in the things of the Spirit. We have the mind of Christ. (Christ in me!).

I believe that right now the revelatory knowledge is going to start flowing as Holy Spirit leads His born-again children into a new dimension of walking in the Spirit. We have the fullness of the God dwelling in us.

You need to hold on to faith in the one hand; and Christ in me – my hope of Glory in the other hand. Through this you will manifest the fruits of the Spirit. Not because you are a do-er, but because you are a be-er. (Christ in me – the hope of glory) You have to come to the point where you realize that you have another Person living in you, and in Him you live and breathe and have your being. He is your true life!

I find it very interesting that the church is fighting the transition into true Spirit living. I got so hurt and ran to God for comfort – “please help me Lord! Look how people are rejecting to walk in the spirit.”

God then took me to the young, fledgling Christian church in Paul’s day. They suffered tremendously during their transition because they were moving from one dimension into another, and not everybody was ready for this. Paul was ready for it because he had a background of walking and talking to Jesus. Today, it is still difficult for many people to accept Jesus as the Spirit of the believer. To believe He came to be our only life. Unless you start believing that He is your only life, you will not understand the fullness of Christ in you.

Jesus warned us not to seek acceptance from the world. He said that men would not accept us, because they did not accept Him. There were men who rejected Jesus face to face, and then there were those who rejected the Christ Paul preached. Many leaders in the Church were slow in coming to the knowledge of the fullness of Christ and so I comfort myself with this historical record of what happened to Paul to comfort myself as I walk in the Spirit. I will move on past the pain and rejection, because He is looking for people who will worship Him on Spirit and Truth.

When you live like Christ (Christ in me - my hope of glory) you are not better or worse than any other person. You are just divinely different – living in His Power and His glory. This message does not fit the mould of religion any better today than it did in Paul’s day. But praise God, by His grace and mercy, He is taking His bride out of religion and into Spirit living.

With Aldo I can see how it looks, how it works, and what an amazing life it is! He lives in the fullness. Not by any works, but through a love relationship with His King!

I have been asked to come and help as a mediator between two parties who are struggling to solve their differences.  A month before I need to go, Aldo wrote and explained the whole situation to me. Afterwards he said “Wisdom shows me you have to go and tell them the following, …” and he penned the whole situation down.  That same wisdom is there for all of us! If you have accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour you have it. (Christ in me – the hope of GLORY!)

You will not only manifest the 5 fold ministry, you will live the life of SONSHIP!


May God bless your spirit.


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