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Building the Wall

Nehemiah was a man who knew that compromise was not an option. The Spirit of God taught him a most valuable lesson: That is to say NO – No more! Enough! My family, my children, and my life has been broken down and stolen from too long!

For too long the children of God have walked around with broken city walls that were supposed to be there for our protection. Satan could do whatever he wanted to us because we didn’t take up the sword and the shovel to build the walls. The church was full of division and still is. No one really knows what the truth is. We fight and criticize, all because of not knowing the full truth. People criticize one other when they don’t believe exactly the same as someone else, but sometimes they are only a few graces away from realizing that same truth through their own personal experiences. Then they know that they just didn’t have revelation knowledge and that is why they couldn’t believe or understand. Nehemiah was such a man that sought the truth more than anything else.

“For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another! I say then: Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Gal.5:14-15).

In my life’s journey, I used to be the one with a finger pointed toward others. I was the one who used to criticize people when I did not believe the same things they did.  When I look back now I realize it was only pride manifesting. Pride doesn’t even listen to others, but decides beforehand that what I believe is the only way and the others must be wrong.

I want to tell you something today – there is a journey that we have to walk leading up to the Cross, and then there is a wonderful journey we have to walk from the Cross into the Holy of Holies. I cried so much last night, even into the late night hours. I said “Lord Jesus, how will I ever be able to do what You want me to do? I was the one who did not really believe in all these supernatural things, now I eat the reality thereof every day of my life!”

God allows me to see parts of the hell in times of anointing, and He opens my spirit eyes to the heavenly reality, and today I know there is so much more than meets the eye. And, God keeps on prompting me to reveal the things that Aldo writes.

I am busy with our third book “A Message of HOPE” telling this journey of how Aldo’s letters, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, led us to deliverance from generational curses by the blood of Jesus. We saw, we learned, and we experienced firsthand how real the spirit realm is, and how the demonic forces operate. When people now tell me that generational cruces don’t exist, I just have mercy on them because there was a time when I also denied this reality. But today – I know the truth!

The working of generational curses can be seen in things like demonic strongholds, sickness, disease, addiction, depression and failure to break through. It can be dated back to your Father, Mother, and Grandparents – and the generations before them. These demonic forces will try to keep you chained in a certain area that they hold rights to, so that the blessing of God can be hindered from your life. The wonderful news is that Jesus has already paid the price; all we need to do is to repent, and break the soul-ties and the curses from our lives. To do this we need to know who we are in Christ, and that He has already overcome for us. He has become a curse for us on the Cross so that the blessings of Abraham could come upon us (Gal. 3:13-14), and we need to use the keys of the Kingdom actively in our lives. Like the Israelites we need to apply the blood of the Lamb to our doorpost. As we walk in the Spirit, and we listen to Holy Spirit, He will lead our footsteps in this journey of freedom.  

Please remember, this is my experiences that I am sharing with you. This is the road God is walking with me, and what He is teaching me, but I definitely don’t know everything – so please seek the truth for yourself. The truth will always be found in the Word of God and I encourage each of you to seek it for yourself, and not to do anything because someone else said so. Don’t put your eyes on men, only focus on God and seek Him. Don’t quote me, quote the Word. People are frail and make mistakes, but God is the Rock.

The kids and I watched a movie last night, and the next thing Aldo started writing about what was happening in the spiritual realm around us. He was uptight during the evening and later started writing because he couldn’t communicate so well. He wrote, “Mom, we must pray en keep on praying. I see how they are trying to attack our wall.” So we kept on praying and warring in the spirit until midnight. This morning we heard that he was spot on - they tried to break into Tinus’ factory last night. How much the more we need to be vigilant concerning the things that he writes about our personal lives. 

I see what happens in the spirit every time someone reacts out of hatred or bitterness; or even when people use idle words. The demons love to collect those words and use it as coals on the fire on our difficult situations. It is so big for me to see what God reveals through Aldo’s writings; and yes, I don’t understand everything – but I know that God uses him to teach us about the spirit realm. We all have a wall to build – don’t fight the fact that it is true – rather just build it.

I am free. Who sees Nehemiah? Will you tell people that Jesus is on His way? He is on His way for His bride. Many love their lives on the outside. Because of blessing I am free. The fighters from hell have been fighting against the bride, and the bride did not realize that their cursing came from generational hate. Take the veil off the bride. Nehemiah, blow the dust off your walls. Resist the enemy because you are losing the abundance of wisdom. Will the bride hear? Hate fights against the fire of God. I see how a lot of people are hurting. I see them, but their hearts burn because of hell’s fire. Do you know that when you blessed me they felt a heavy hit from Nehemiah. This is how you fight the enemy. Last night I could see that there was a heavy fight raging in the spirit realm, because when the bride starts repenting fire falls on them (the enemy) – and it brings breakthrough. The bride says she doesn’t have to repent anymore, says the wall is already standing. Jesus says Jeremiah.

Nehemiah represents what all of us can become if we live in the Spirit according to God’s wisdom and ways. “Lord, why don’t you just reveal to us the entire plan?” I sometimes wonder. God wants us to seek Him first with a humble heart – willing to do whatever He asks us to do – and through trusting Him He leads us step by step into His divine plan for our lives. If He gives us our whole road as a blue print we will fall into spiritual pride, and He cannot give us revelation about the spiritual realm if we do not walk in love and humbleness. And I also believe that if we see the whole journey at once – we will run away! That is the truth if I had to see my whole journey that first day.

Now God is calling to His bride: “Arise and start building.” I have learned that one hand was my hand building, and the other hand was God’s hand - His fingers (grace, anointing, power, gifts, and authority) – that guides mine. A broken down wall represents an area of your life where you are vulnerable and defenseless to the enemy. A place of sin, a place of immaturity, a place where we have not yet overcome, a place where self-will or self-centeredness is still in control. There will be no joy, but rather depression and oppression - these are the walls of your inner man when they are broken down. What do your walls look like?

There are many threats when you build the wall – but you have to fight with prayer, praise and warfare. Sometimes just as you put out the one fire, another one flares up. Problem after problem… the enemy wants to get you tired. There are so many people out there being destroyed because of broken lives – this is not God’s plan for us! Stand up and build the wall of your inner man. Everything is possible for those who believe.

The kids are playing soccer outside and I watch them from my upstairs window, and I think to myself how wonderful it is to see Aldo enjoying himself. I had a good laugh the other day when a friend came to visit and referred to the cousins (Simone and Elisma) as “chicks”. With his own sense of humor Aldo responded, “You are probably talking about those things that run around on a farm and who peck their food from the ground – not my cousins.” Josh laughed loudly – “Yea, you can all come and learn from Aldo!”

With the cousins staying with us, and their friends coming to visit us at the beach house, I realize what “teenager” things we as a family are missing out from. I feel sort of guilty because Aldo’s life is not at all like theirs. They are not speaking the same language, and he doesn’t do the same things they are doing.

He LOVES to play soccer (and he and Josh make the best goal keeper team), and I can see that the cousins are also enjoying it. They love to watch the world cup soccer games, and apart from that Aldo plays golf of the Wii and reads his Bible. I make coffee for everyone (for Aldo tea and his pills) and suddenly I realize how different our life is from everyone else around us. Even though he is a teenager, he doesn’t have a normal teenage life. He writes in his journal for hours at a time about what is going on around him in the spirit realm, and he enjoys the peace and quiet of the house.

Everyone goes for a jog in the morning, and now that Tinus is back in Hartebeespoort for the week to do some work, I walk with Aldo in the mornings. Someone still has to steady him when he walks. His mid-brain injury affects his balance and it is difficult for him to walk alone, and he walks a bit like a crab when he has to walk on his own. He does fine around the house, but when he has to walk far distances it can be difficult. We walk 2 km each day, and for someone who was in I.C.U. some weeks ago it is truly amazing! It is fantastic to see him healthy, and I plead the blood of Jesus and a wall of fire around him every day.

Sammy, one of the cousins, said to me the other day, “Auntie Retha, I never hear Aldo complain?” Not long after that we heard a great noise coming from the bathroom. All of us ran to help and found Aldo lying on the shower floor having lost his balance and fallen through the shower door. There was a moment of silence, and after we made sure he was okay, we all started laughing because he was on the floor and the shower door was next to him.

That evening as we sat around the dinner table Aldo said, “I want to instate a new rule at the beach house. The bathroom door needs to be closed at all times – because when I come around the corner too fast I end up in the shower every time. This time the shower’s door broke my fall – but usually I just stand up and go on.” We all laughed with him, and accepted his proposal. The cousins are so great with him, and they have a lot of fun together. When his friends call they sit with him and help him when he struggles to talk, and sometimes when he loses focus they help him and lead him back to the conversation. It is a treat to see the teamwork. The cousins also seem to have a lot of fun speaking to his friends after Aldo had his turn. I overheard them laughing today after a telephone call when Aldo prayed for one of his friends and after saying Amen immediately ended the call without saying goodbye. The kids were laughing so loud, “No man, Aldo. You have to say goodbye!” He only gave a shy smile and walked on. The cousins phoned back to say sorry. “Oh well, it is part of his training school,” I tell them. “Everyone has to start somewhere, not true?”

I know that all of this is the grace of God, and I am experiencing His mercy and grace more than ever! Everything is not exactly as we would want it, and our prayers are not always answered in the ways we want them to be, but God’s grace is enough for us – and through this truth we receive strength for what lies ahead.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).

“I am so thankful Lord God! We thank you for everything that we have learned and are still learning from Nehemiah and Aldo. I pray that we also may be as disciplined, courageous and confident in You!”

Retah and family

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