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Breakthrough available for all of us

14 June 2017

Breakthrough available for all of us

To experience true 'fellowship with the King', is one of the greatest gifts on earth. In heaven people experience God’s presence all the time. Because ‘self’is dead! But, here on earth, with so many distractions, we need to search for Him. His Word says: 'Those who seek me, will find me!'

The more we die, the better we hear His voice.

The key is 'dying to self’.

You don't need to be a wonderful communicator to speak to God YHVH. No, fellowship with Jesus Christ does not even require words.  He speaks to our hearts and He knows our hearts and the motives of our hearts. 

The way He communicates with us through His Holy Spirit is on a deeper level, a spiritual level – a heart level.

When we meet Him and our hearts become one with Him, there will not be enough words to describe the love, the soothing touch, the healing power, the sensitive gentle intimacy and the deep level of bonding that takes place. This can happen in mere seconds. 

This Love is like a flaming fire, that burns deep within our hearts. I have found that this love burns deeper than any human touch can ever accomplish. This fire also burns all the dark hidden motives of my heart. He wants darkness out, because He is Light!

As I drink of this pure liquid love, I close my eyes and feel His touch. His touch goes deep and that pure love carries truth. Without any judgement in His voice He teaches me about all the deep generational foundations in me, and how to get breakthrough. “The more you allow Me to love you and to take control of your life, the deeper and more frequent your breakthroughs will be.” Every touch of His love is accompanied with a soft word of Wisdom that brings more revelation. 

My heart for you is to have complete breakthrough. Meaning, you allow Me to work out with you as in a partnership, your salvation with fear and trembling. You allow Me to take away the veils from your eyes, so that you can ‘see’ with your eyes of understanding. You allow Me to take away those protective veils around your heart, so that you can become transparent and more and more sensitive to My spirit. I want to be manifested through you, Retah. Less of you - more of Me. A constant process, My dear child.”

Breakthrough is something you have to understand. You have to walk in and expect breakthrough continuously. There are so many layers and precepts of breakthrough. As you break through the dark defense mechanisms of pride, arrogance, self, hate, resentment, denial, self-pity, self-righteousness and many more, you will get to a deep dark wound within you. This wound is filled with hidden sin, covenants, vows, generational covenants and agreements, generational addictions, belief systems, trigger points and mindsets.  This is the place where we have to make a decision – Am I going to choose life or death?

This place confronts different people at different times in their lives. Some people are willing to go there as their lives starts to fall apart. Others say no, I don't need to go there!

But, you will definitely eat the fruit of what is inside of you.

If you don't deal with it now, you will deal with it on your deathbed. One day you will have to face what is inside of you.

But praise God -– His grace is always at all times sufficient for us. 

He is just waiting for us to surrender completely so that He can take us deeper. Breakthrough is not escaping the situation or the darkness within. Breakthrough is going deeper to remove all the veils.

We have Holy Spirit, we have His Blood and we have childlike faith. What do you need more?

As His love comforts me, He makes my heart feel safe. In that place of safety with His glory light on my heart, He shows me the dark spots. I hear the words, “Repentance – is a key, take it and use it. The effect of a humble heart that takes full responsibility for its actions is the key that I give to all of you. This key breaks down all the defense walls that cover up the darkness within you. Repentance will take you from breakthrough to breakthrough. You will find yourself in the depths of My heart as you express your willingness to be transformed by My love.”

How many times did you feel your world is falling apart? It is only His love that keeps the entire world together.

I want to ask you today, how far are you on your healing journey? On your journey of working out your salvation with fear and trembling?

In Him is love and light and no darkness. His Kingdom's foundations are Love and Light. 

Our revelation of true love will only increase as we spend more time with Him in His presence. His love shines on us, transforms us and the revelation of His deep intense love ever increases as we stay in Him.  In this process, the light which proceeds out of us will increase and grow brighter – enabling us to be light to and in the world. And because of the frequency of light and love that we carry – breakthrough will come!

Love is the foundation my child, and as you have built that foundation, I will start building the next level – faith in Me.”

Faith works by love and as our love for the King increases, our faith increases. Faith comes by hearing His words of revelation. And all His words carry vision, hope and breakthrough. Faith in Christ is also a foundation for breakthrough. 

All these levels of light, love, faith, truth and hope are being built as we break off the old foundations and then come to our Abba so that He can build new foundations deep within our hearts.

It can only happen through intimacy with Christ, and that is available to all. You just have to cry out to Him.

Run the race of faith my dear friend. It is a journey, step by step. Don't give up – Jesus is truly alive!

Love to you all from a very cold Stellenbosch

Retah and family

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