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Awake, awake o sleeper! The King is coming!

All over the world, God is asking: Are you willing to change your spiritual atmosphere? BECAUSE I AM COMMING

To do that - we need new wineskins. I looked at Aldo, who reads Genesis over and over, and I decided that I should go there too, to and discover who I really am.

Once again I realized that God created me in His image and He gave me power and dominion on this earth. As I started focusing on what God entrusted me with, dominion and authority, I realized: in God’s presence, in being one with Him (Christ in me, the hope of glory) everything around me will change.

I started to pray differently, act differently, and to truly walk as a new creation. I started so serve others more than ever before. In our retreats, God takes my hand and He teaches me how to serve. It is so humbling and also so amazing to see Christ flowing out of me, because I know He was a humble, serving King.

In the Church meetings, His Spirit flows more than I have ever experienced it before and His angles are constantly around us. This is an example of when your atmosphere changes.

Start to shift out the old ways of thinking - the Greek way of thinking - and focus on Christ in you. You will realize that you are seated in heavenly places with Him.

To experience a spiritual shift, you need to take authority over the atmosphere around you. Speak into the atmosphere, speak life, and bind the negative spirits around you. People talk about them, and blame a lot on the enemy, but they do nothing to stop them. Take authority over spirits of darkness, don’t tolerate them! Don’t listen to the Pharisees around you, now is the time to focus on God!

To embrace God, we must remain focused on Him and not on our emotions. For women this can be so difficult. But ask God to help you through His Holy Spirit. Your mindset can be the strongest stronghold that keeps you out of the Glory realm. Open up your heart to God, step away from your preconceived ideas - God wants you to know Him in Spirit and Truth! Listen closely - not religion, but in Spirit.

Your past can keep you away from embracing the fullness of God’s Spirit.  When you say: Lord I am ready to move into the Spirit realm with You! - you can’t trust your old ways, your human wisdom, your theological studies. Only trust God to take you in. Step into the fullness He has planned for His bride. Step into the Glory realm and become what God created you for.

I look at Aldo and see how God uses a young man with no ideas of his own, nothing to boast about in the flesh and no pretentions. He just loves God with an open spirit. He hears God’s voice, he sees what God sees, and he realizes that there is nothing more important in life than loving and knowing God. 

God is looking for people to use in these last days. He wants to send His life-giving resurrection power through these men and women to His churches, ministries and the market place. To receive this resurrection-power, you first need to be dead in your own self. Because, only the dead can be resurrected.  God wants to see these dead, old, dry, religious structures come alive again. Or, it can be your dead way of worshiping God, your dead way of seeking God - to come alive! Are you willing to be moved by God’s Spirit?   

The time is here: Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming! Start speaking into the dry bones. He is calling us, and He wants a new thing to flow through the Bride. A new breath, the breath of God, His Ruach ha kodesh...

I saw an African man walking along in the field, with a board hanging over his neck and back. On the board it said: “Jesus is coming soon”. He had an encounter with Jesus in his house, were Jesus said to him. “Just keep on walking, let my Bride know I am on My way.”

Aldo keeps on telling me, “Mom, go and work, Jesus is coming!” Aldo, I can’t do more. “Yes you can, Mom. Speak life in all the dead bones of people’s lives. Blow His breath over them, He will do the rest.”

That is all I do when I minister to the people with Holy Spirit, after I brought the message. I stand amazed at how Holy Spirit is moving like never before. I do not lend my ears out any longer to people who try to judge the Spirit or the move of God. I pray for them, because they just don’t know GOD. BARUCH ATAH ADONAI, ELOHIM YESHUA!


Do you know Him? Because to know Him, is to love Him.

You need to know Him, you need to love Him, you need to be in Him, and you need to stay in Him!

The King is on His way, are you ready????

May God bless your Spirit!


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