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All I have is You...

I want to know You Jesus,

I want to know You more and more.

Leaving Darling was emotional for me today.

I know this little town for years, it is the place where I minister every December while South Africa has summer holidays.

Yzerfontein is our secret hiding place close to Darling now for already 30 years.  A place where we can walk with Aldo and no one who stares at us.

And that's how I know Hanna and her little school.

Hanna is so passionate about every child, and their well being are very important to her.  My mom used to help Hanna with the food for the children.  She prepared the food, then delivered it to the school.

Me and Aldo sat down with the children on the floor.

One of the boys took his finger and lifted Aldo's eye that is closed. "Why is your eye so closed, can you even see me?"

Aldo said " Yes, I have another eye that can see well."

Believing God for years and years that this eye will lift and see, but still did not lift even after a couple of operations...

I had tears in my eyes, but did not want anyone to see my watery eyes.

Does that eye say I have no faith, or can I teach these children about having undoubted faith in a living God?

Brand new emotions came to the front as we left the school, because who is this God who never leave us nor forsake us?

Who is this Jesus who comfort us, and say, I will be your eyes, I will be your voice - just follow through.

Eternal life connects deeper than what the eye can see.

John 17:3  And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

Jesus Christ is the one who gives us strength to continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

The one eye can be closed even in your everyday living, but your spirit eyes can still see who God YHVH is.

That SEE is to know Him!

To know Him is to trust him - even if you don't see.

That's what I call great grace, my friend.

Revelation knowledge of Christ Messiah.

He is alive, Jesus is alive and His Spirit leads us into the new everyday.

His voice becomes even our sight, His voice leads us, and then we become His hands and His feet. 

His touch becomes more important to me than two eyes in the flesh.

Knowing Him, The Christ revealed, becomes my life.

Have faith in Jesus who can give more than you may ever ask for.

I used to ask for vision in both eyes - but He gave so much more!

My friend, this is just me late night, still wiping my tears after 20 years.

But believing in God with all mine heart.

Trust is love, love is seed, seed is a harvest that is ready.

Thank you for walking along side of us.

I so love to see how God answered Hanna's prayers.

Ps 37:3 "Keep trusting in the Lord, and do what is right in His eyes.

Fix your heart on the promises of God, and you will dwell in the land."

Be of good cheer - Jesus is alive!


Retah and family

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