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I am blessed “out of my sins” at the happenings, the teachings, the deliverance, the enlightenment, the unveiling of my spiritual eyes. I as so humbled that God is taking me deeper and allowing me to deal with the false bride as I hunger and yearn to become the bride that He will come for. God met me at the point of my need, I will continue to ask God to “show the house to the house” in my life.
I got to see Retah's love for God, her love for Aldo and Chantel, her love for her family and her love for humanity. She has a great personality, but what impressed me most or rather what touched me most was her humility… Not a bit of pride… totally helping those of us who want to get deeper in God and deal with the inner issues, the *yin and yang* that keeps us away from the absolute fullness of God.  Not only is she transparent but she is REAL… this is a great tool for the Kingdom of God.
What I am discovering and learning through this ministry is vital for where God is taking me.

Carolle (Online Spirit School 4 & 5 June 2021)

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