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"Powerful and life changing."

Reona Burger

"Kingdom Coaching with Retah is amazing! Don't hesitate!"

Diane Mulconnery Lawrence

“Thank you for your obedience and commitment to this work that is beyond money… and so vitally important.” 

Helen Beckley

“If you are considering Kingdom Coaching with Retah

please don't hesitate,just do it! You will be blessed!” 

Inspiranza Designs

“Kingdom Coaching with Retah is life changing! Led by Holy Spirit you will not be the same afterwards. Your thinking about everything changes. You change!"

Claudie Koekemoer

"Kingdom Coaching is changing my life!

It has become a journey with the Holy Spirit, facilitated by Retah..."

Wilhelm Kruger

“I can honestly recommend this!  Did me a world of good.  So thankful for this amazing woman.  Giving so much of herself bringing the Word and interceding for us even though she is fighting a tough battle herself!  I salute you Retah McPherson!  May God bless you abundantly.”

Chrissievdw123 (Instagram)

"Dear Retah, I would like to give you my testimony regarding our Kingdom Coach session. For the past eleven years I used to get blisters on my feet, usually between May and August every year. The blisters will become badly infected and take about 3 to 4 months to heal. I even ended up in hospital. This year was no different.

I booked a session with Retah as I was devastated and did not know how to pray for this anymore. During the session God showed me the root cause of the issue and Retah immediately knew what to pray for, to break the chains that kept me in bondage for all these years. Our Abba is so faithful and the healing started immediately. The healing was evident with my next appointment, as the blister on my right foot was totally healed and the other one just a small area that still needs to be healed. All the Glory and praise to God, He really wants us whole and healed more than ever before. Our Abba Father really is a good good Father and Ps 147:3 became Rhema to me. "He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds." Kind regards

Antoinette Du Toit

Today I can look back over more than 1 year that I started walking with Retah in Kingdom Coaching.  I approached Retah, because I felt stuck, meaning when I review the prophetic words and God's promises over my life, I was just not seeing the progress.  I did have a history of several years of going for inner restoration and made huge progress, but still I felt stuck.  When I look back, this was the best decision and investment made.

Retah is serious about the coaching sessions and seek the Lord's wisdom and insight for every session with every client.  On my side, I always fasted in preparation for the Kingdom coaching sessions.

I am amazed how God worked in every session and in His perfect order.  It is impossible for me to figure out how all work together, but what I can say today... as the legality goes, I renew my mind and I am not fighting the stuff in my soul and spirit that I used to fight.  God so gently worked every time, I just needed to be open and surrender the process to Him.

In parallel with the sessions, I worked through the Restoring Light prayer manuals of Retah and Sahnet, up to Book 3.  This is a very powerful part of the journey.

I honor Retah for the price that she paid to be able to be such a powerful instrument in God's hands and to pioneer in very challenging times.

Anonymous, Durbanville

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